My Seattle Thanksgiving (and some TMI, too)

I spent the holiday weekend out visiting my fabulous fiancée, Cora, and her family in Seattle.  She wrote about it HERE (yeah, I'm a few days behind), so I'm just going to spotlight a few points from turkey day for you.

After breakfast, Cora and I made my mom's pumpkin bars.  The recipe below omits the cream cheese frosting.  There was a recipe for it on the back, but seriously, but the canned stuff.  Follow the link above for a look.


Only there was a slight miscalculation.  We used a standard 9X13 instead of a 10X14 as called for.  Therefore, they were a little thicker, and while we gave them the full 25 minutes, and the cake taster came out clean, the center was not fully cooked.

But they tasted great anyway.

As we were dropping her daughter Gwen off at Gwen's dad's house, I decided to stay in the car.  It's a holiday, and he doesn't need me all up in his crib.  Well, after Cora was out of the car, and around at the trunk, Gwen reached up from behind me, and gave me a hug.


At Cora's sister's house, we ate a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings.  I got to flirt with my future niece:

I'm cute as hell, and I know it.

And watch a Rocket (aka "Rocky") tried using a Jedi mind trick on Cora's mom to get her to drop a morsel toward the floor.  I do not say, "to the floor" because that bit of ort would have a literal snowball's chance in hell of hitting the ground.


Cora and I got home from her sister's house at about 7:00.  By 7:30, we were sound asleep.  We woke up around 10:00, and realized that the "short nap" had taken us to bed time, so we just got dressed for bed, and crashed.

We're old.


With that done, she trotted off to the bathroom to shower and get ready.  About 30 seconds after the shower starts, I get a warning shot from my bowels.  Normally, I get a nice, "Hey, you will want to be in the bathroom in 10 minutes, or you will need to burn those pants" kind of warning.  Not this time.  The game clock was under 2:00 and ticket fast and I had no time outs.  I sped downstairs to her mother's section of the house they share, and barely made it before I blew.  Horrendous acid burn.  Thank GOD her mom had already left for her sister's house.

Finishing up, I went upstairs, and heard the distinct sound of the hairdryer running.  With Cora's tresses, that's not a trivial task.  Before I could even get to my suitcase to start laying out my clothes for the day, the second wave hit.  Lordy, I'm surprised I didn't leave a trail as I sprint/walked with cheeks clenched tight down stairs again.

Figured I was doomed for the rest of the day, but Cora must not have used enough poison in the scrambled eggs she made for breakfast, because I recovered.


Cora said...

Pfffft! Right now I'm picturing you on the toilet just like the guy on Dumb and Dumber! Hee hee hee. And now that I've said that, everyone else is too!! Ha ha ha!!

As for the poison in the eggs, I wasn't trying to kill you, silly! Just trying to get out of cooking for the rest of our marriage. Did it work?!

wigsf said...

That's when you know it's true love. You got all funky and nasty in her house, and she didn't kick you out.

That's what I want. I'm jealous.

JenJen said...

OMG I have diaree attacks like that all the time.
I might have imploded if I wasn't at home. My biggest fear is that the toilet will not flush. Or I'll use the bathroom that "ooooh, yeah. That toilet's finicky"

TMI. Sorry.

Sassy Britches said...

You do not even know how thrilled I am about having this receipe (and in original handrwiting to boot).

I love hearing about you two's antics; you guys always have so much fun together!

And I'm dying laughing picturing you in the cheek clench walk. Ahahahaha!

Shana said...

Yeah, the cheek clenched walk is the funniest. I have done that a time or two myself.

Joshua said...

She's just trying to build up your tolerance for the poison. Sure, that's it.


Soda and Candy said...

She's got the diamonds now, she doesn't need you any more.

; )

PS - Ditto awww on the daughter hug!

SkylersDad said...

The hug thing made me really happy! After you two have been married as long as Kathy and I, she will start to give you a look when you eat certain foods. Kathy asks me if I intend on driving down to the gas station to poop...

Ellie Mae said...

Will the recipe work if I mix it in a yellow mixing bowl instead of a green one? Cute.
Props on earning a spontaneous hug from Gwen!

J.J. in L.A. said...

"Awww!" on the hug from Gwen. And your TMI story was hilarious!

Reminded me of the time my AZ brother was playing volleyball. He'd jumped for the ball, landed on his feet, stood still for a nanosecond...then started his "butt clench dance" to the picnic area restroom...with 20 people behind him, laughing their asses off.

The Peach Tart said...

Sounds like a great time except for the blow out part. Believe me, I've been there.

Jan @ Struck by Serendipity said...

haha, that's a great story. I have finicky toliets and I am always nervous for my guests when they come over. It's bound to be an issue sometime.