This Won't Be Me… Promise


It appears that some people don't know when and when not to update their Facebook page or when to Tweet.  Here's some help.

Don't Facebook from a funeral.  Unless it is yours and there's been a BIG misunderstanding.

Don't Tweet from inside your car as your supermodel wife smashes the window with a golf club.  Call your agent, not your "driving range caddy."

Don't update your Facebook status about your engagement before you've told your closest living relatives.

Don't Facebook and Tweet just before the minister is about to pronounce you husband and wife like THIS ASSHAT DID!  Not really funny, and you deserve the cake that is about to get smooshed into your pie hole for that move.

BAN-HAMMER People, there are times when it's okay to live in the real world, not the cyber one.  Don't make me use the BAN HAMMER in the real world.

[Editor's note:  I have a lot more of Seattle to tell, but I was up until 1:00 am working on an issue, so I didn't get it posted.  I will, just hang in there.  Like I was saying, something about "liv[ing] in the real world".]


Joshua said...

I saw this video on CNN yeserday. Asshat does not begin to describe it.


Sassy Britches said...

He deserves more than a cake smoosh. I'm thinking crotch kick is more appropriate.

Scope said...

Honestly, I didn't watch the video. Just reading the story set my "groom-to-be" blood boiling.

Cora said...

Tweeting on Twitter at THE ALTAR?! Twit.

SkylersDad said...

I saw the video. Butthead of all time, updating his Facebook status to married before he kissed her...

JenJen said...

I saw the video. It looked like the new missus was doing the same thing.

I thought it was funny.

J.J. in L.A. said...

JenJen is right. The groom handed the bride a phone so she could do the same.

If my man did that, I'd crutch him (aiming for Mr Happy and the twins) til he didn't know which end was up.

I've always thought smashing cake in each other's face was a pathetic grab for a laugh too. Personally, it would piss me off enough to walk out and go straight to a divorce lawyer.

tattytiara said...

Yeah, a lot of people are spending more time documenting their lives than they are living them.