Yesterday's Blog Post / Insane In the Brain!

So, stepping out of the holidays for a little bit of real life blogging.

Yesterday, was the 3rd (but not final, I have at least one more days worth of stuff) post of the twisted Christmas presents.  Being that I am a lazy cuss, and have learned that it is better not to reinvent the wheel, I thought I would use part 2 as a template to create part 3.  That way, I wouldn't have to fiddle-fart with the fonts and colors, and could concentrate of the writing.

As noted earlier [LINK] I use, and STRONGLY RECOMMEND, Windows Live Writer (WLW)for drafting my blogs.  It's desktop side editing, and is much better than writing it in Blogger.  Well, I wanted to use part #2 as a template for part #3.  Unfortunately, I wrote #2 on my netbook while traveling, not on my main computer.  No problem WLW lets you download a blog post from the web.  So I did that, changed the title, created the post, and then put it up yesterday morning.  I didn't set a date / time like normal, because it was after my standard 6:00 am post time, so I wanted to post immediately.

Funny, when I post, it automatically takes me to my blog so I can see what it looks like.  But it wasn't there.

So I set the date time and did it again.  And there it was.  But how did it get 13 comments?  And it dawned on me…PANICOh holy CARP!  I just overwrote part 2 with part 3.  I thought this was a new post.  And I start to panic.  The computer thought it was an update to the original!  I can't find the original part 2 anywhere, so I toss a panicked disclaimer at the top of the post, and ran for the shower.  While speeding through the shower, it dawned on me: The original should still be on the netbook.

Barely dry, I boot it up while finishing dressing.  I made a backup of the correct post, (dealing with document check in / check out / overwrite issues is what I DO for a living, I've learned a trick or two about securing the good copy.) and uploaded that one back to the web.

Whew!  Recovered.

Now, it was simply a matter of grabbing the source content for part 3 and pasting it into a new blank shell, redoing the 3 pictures that were mangled, and uploading it.

Ah.  But look at the clock, I'm now late, it's freezing out, and I really don't want to be as late as walking to the train will make me.  I click on the CTA BUS TRACKER site to see when a bus is due at my stop.  2 MINUTES!  DOUBLE CARP!  I grab coat, gloves, wallet, BlackBerry, etc and dash out.  As I get to the street, I can see it is already at my stop.  But if I run, I can race it to the next stop and board there.

I did.  And I did.

Not sure which got my heart racing more.  The run, or the panic of screwing up my blog.

Tomorrow, I will be back into Christmas, showing off my balls.  After all it is TMI Thursday.  See you then


Cora said...

Yeah, okay, pal. I have an issue with something. *glares menacingly*

See that label you put on this post? Hmm? See it? SEE IT? The one that says "I'm An Idiot"? Yeah, right there. *hands on hips* Are you friggin' insulting my fiancé?! 'Cuz I don't take kindly to that, alright?! Watch your mouth!


Actually I think what you did was quite impressive. If I'd accidently done that I wouldn't have had any idea where to start retrieving it. I likely would have just assumed it was lost forever. So, bravo! :-)

Jan @ Struck by Serendipity said...

That would have been a great story to explain to your boss why you were late had you missed the bus.

JenJen said...

All that [link] and wlw or lwl or whatever the hell that was...well, it made me sorta look for something sparkly.

Computers are desgined to work, no? Then howza come mine does weird crap? Without being told?


carp. weird carp.

SkylersDad said...

I usually do something like that when I am in a hurry, and I always seem to be in a hurry.

J.J. in L.A. said...

Impressive recovery! (pun intended). ; )

That's why I write my posts in Notepad then 'copy and paste'. If I 'cut and paste', I just know I'm gonna screw up somehow and not have a back-up copy.