Getting Carded – 2009

I'm virtually finished with my Christmas cards this year.  As I mentioned last year, I'm a Christmas card sending fool.  So far this year, I am at 91 cards with only 1 address left to find.  I just need to get a some more stamps and getting a few sent off to Canada, and then I'm mostly done.  I did try to cut a few people off my list this year, but they were in the first 5 people to send me cards this year.

I still had some cards left over from last year.  And the year before that.  I used parts of 10 different boxes of cards this year, and that doesn't count the individual one-off's.

Besides the ones that I sent out last year, this year's collection was:


My caption: "I hope Santa doesn't leave you STUCK out in the cold this Christmas."

This card is a bit of a riff on a similar one that I used last year [LINK] but with a sock monkey.  And glitter.  And as we all know, everything is better with sock monkeys and glitter.

Cards-02My caption: "On December 26th, Santa hit the beach.  HARD!"

Cards-03 My caption: "Even Santa is "going green" this Christmas."

And this year, I even did a Christmas letter.  Sort of.  I created a little one-off blog (I'm a bloggers, people, that's what I do!) under the ID I use for my family blog (don't cross the streams!), and then made a bunch of little slips of paper in Excel with the URL for people to follow to the site.

Save some paper.  Save the earth.

Oh, and Analytics will tell me who read it.  Like I said, I'm a blogger, it's what I do.


Cora said...

It's kind of funny, isn't it, that last year I asked Santa for a stripper pole and instead of that he gave me you.

Then again, your pole is mighty fun to play on too. ;-)

Cowguy said...

Catalytic Converters up your reindeer's pooper? That's the kind of card I'd send out... if Sally let me pick the cards, that is.

To counteract your greeniosity, I printed out 200 copies of this post.

It's my job. I take it seriously.

JenJen said...


Dr Zibbs said...

The sock monkey one is classic.

SkylersDad said...

I love all those, we share the same sense of humor. Unfortunately, Kathy always reigns me in...

BeckEye said...

91 cards? Holy moly. I buy one box of cards and they usually last me like 3 years.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

I dunno Scope. I would have thought you'd have gone the "Don't Monkey Around. Have a Merry Christmas" route.

J.J. in L.A. said...

LOL'ing @ Cora's comment!!!

I've sent out 7 cards so far. Now I'm just waiting for cards to come in so I can reciprocate.

The Peach Tart said...

Scope I think Cora is missing you. I love the cards. I never do cards and this has me rethinking because yours are so clever.