All Hail Rahmesse The Great


Chicago has elected a new mayor, pharaoh, Rahmesse the Great.

Since I still disagree with the ruling on his residency (I don't care that he owns rental property in the City, he lived in DC people), I have just decided to think of it as hiring a city manager. You know, an outsider. A professional bureaucrat who is not beholden to any contingent within the city.

But my advice for my fellow peons in Chicago?

Keep your eyes on "the Pharaoh" when the going gets narrow.

[Link for bad joke.]


Cora said...

LOVE the picture! He should have put that on his campaign posters.

Okay, maybe not. But it's still a fantastic pic.

Scope said...

In other political news, I think according to Illinois law, the Democratic senators form Wisconsin and Indiana now qualify as citizens of Illinois, and we now have to pay their government pensions.