The New Normal – It's A SHAM… WOW!

Over the last few months or so, Cora's been having a bit of a "Goldilocks Issue".

One pillow was too thin.

One pillow was too thick and hard.

When my "Copperlocks" mentioned bringing in a some of the pillows from the sofa, I reached into my bag of trick. Technically, it was my SpaceBag of tricks. Back when I moved in, a friend gave me a bed set that had all kinds of decorative pillows and decorative pillow shams. And so I bought some big fluffy, square "European pillows" to fill some of those out. When Cora moved in, I packed all that up into a vacuum packed Spacebag, and stored them away. Now I put them to use.

After a few days, my beautiful bride proclaimed this pillow "just right". And face it, folks, when your spouse has had the spinal issues that mine has had, when she says that something is bothering her neck, you hop to it.

The only issue in my book was that the pillow didn't have a legitimate pillow case, just this pillow sham, which was not all that soft. (Cora didn't mention it. She was too happy with her new cushy pillow!)

So, last Thursday, I walked to the huge department store downtown. (This is just before I about got killed by the falling glass.)

I was in their bedding department, and had this conversation with a sales associate. We will call her, "MArCY".


MArCY – Can I help you?

Scope – Yes, I'm looking for a pillow case for a European style pillow. All I see are pillow shams for them.

MArCY – They don't make pillow cases for European style pillows. They would just fall out. You need to use a pillow sham.

Scope - (Then just make them like shams. Duh!) Well, then do you have any plain white simple SHAMS that we can use for pillow cases?

MArCY – Yes, here are some made out of our finest cotton.

Scope - $100! For one pillowcase?

MArCY – It's a pillow SHAM.

Scope – It certainly is! My wife would KILL me if I brought home $100 pillow SHAMS. Do you have anything more… economical.

MArCY – Well, the green trimmed ones are on clearance. They are on sale for $47, and then 50% off of that.

Scope – So, I'll take two. For… $47.

I'm still not sure on the logic of buying a pillow case that is twice as expensive as the pillow, but if it helps Cora sleep well at night, then it is well worth it.


Cora said...

MArCY deserves to be beaten to death with her $100 pillow shams. Good lord.

Did I ever tell you about the time I covered my old couch (not the one you saw, the previous one) with fabric I bought for $1 a yard? Covering the whole couch cost me $10. Including thread! So I know I could make my own pillow cases/shams for practically nothing. Take that MArCY!!!!

Cora said...

And, ohhhhh, the things you go through to keep me happy, dear sweet Scope! Thank you. You're the loveliest person I've ever met!


Laura - Are We Nearly There Yet Mummy? said...

I've never EVER heard of a pillow sham. Thank you for enlightening me. (I think)

SkylersDad said...

For 100 bucks to sleep with something, I expect a lot more than thread count...

Joshua said...
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Joshua said...

I can't believe I get to be the first one to say this...

"...was too thick and hard."

That's what she said, eh?

Well, well.

BeckEye said...

You know, you could have just sewn two ShamWows together and - voila - instant pillowcase.

J.J. in L.A. said...

It's a shame what they make on shams ($$$).

When I re-decorated my room several years ago, I decided to get a new mattress as well. I told my man, who said he had an 'extra' Sleep Number bed.

I've been in heaven ever since. : )