Snow Day – Part 1

WInter-03SNOW-Bleepin-BlizzardsYeah, we've gotten a little weather in the Midwest. Here in Chicago, we've gotten plenty of snow. The last band of "lake effect" snow has some pretty solid whiteout conditions going on out there.

Gwen has a snow day off of school.

I have a snow day off of work!

Right now, we are hunkered up, watching the news coverage. Safe, and mostly warm.

(We'd be warmer is CERTAIN PEOPLE would leave the porch door closed!)

Last night, I left work a right at 5:00 and was one of the last people out. The good news is that the CTA did it's job, and the trains ran just fine. And with everyone skipping out of town early, I even got a seat. Now, the walk from the train station to my condo was a different story. Understandably, few people had cleared their walk, since it had really just started, so there was a good 3" – 4" inches with some 6" drifts most of the way. Not bad. But it was the wind that really sucked.

Just blasting the snow into your eyes which ever way you looked. So I put on my sunglasses to protect my eyes. They promptly fogged up and froze due to the scarf over my face pumping my humid breath right across them.

But, Annie is with us. The forecast says, the sun will come out tomorrow. (But temps will plummet.)

(We hope to venture out after lunch, so hopefully I'll have pictures and post them later.)


MJenks said...

Here comes the sun.

Na na na na.

Here comes the sun.

Na na na na.

It's alright.

Callista said...

you have to excuse the poor Washingtonians that have never seen anymore than a foot of snow! LOL!

Cora said...

It's a hard-knock life for us.

J.J. in L.A. said...

62 degrees has never looked so good. lol!

Scope said...

Actually, it really wasn't that bad out there.

Tomorrow is supposed to be bad.