Your SPAM Blocker Can't Stop This

So the other week, I was JONES'N for a taste of my childhood.

The SPAM Salad Sandwich.

For you "Foodies" out there who like recipes…


1 – Pull the ring and remove the lid from the can.

2 – Splurp the SPAM into a bowl.

3 – Smash the SPAM back into it's more ground form, stirring in mayo and pickle relish.


4 – Place on bread with a slice of American cheese.

5 – Enjoy it's porcine goodness. Verily, the food of the gods!

Oddly, neither of the women in my household would come near it. I think they saw how much I was enjoying it, and didn't want to deprive me of the pleasure.

Although I think the term "stench" was uttered once or twice from the peanut gallery. Still not sure what THAT was all about.

Nor did I get a kiss until I brushed my teeth.


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Joshua said...

You lost me at SPAM. I think I just threw up in my mouth.

Vina said...

As a fellow Spam lover, here is a delicious recipe that has been in my family for years:
Grind together (or chop it up pretty small) Spam, small onion and some Velveeta cheese. Spread mixture on open faced hamburger buns; Broil until brown and bubbly. I am telling you...it's heaven!!! It might even get your girls to try it because it smells SO good when it is cooking.

Anonymous said...

I love Spam. I had some yesterday. I just fry slices and make a sandwich out of it. It is also really good cold right out of the can.I am going to try your recipe

Cora said...

Blah! You keep the SPAM to yourself and I'll keep my "gross salads", deal?

Cowguy said...

LOL this is awesome. We're telepathically connected man. I've been hooking for a fried spam sandwich for like 2 weeks and I bought a can at the store today!!!

J.J. in L.A. said...

Dinner is in a 1/2 hour but now I'm gonna have to pass because I've just lost my appetite. Thank goodness my lunch is already digested. : P****

Scope said...

Joshua - You know what would cover that taste up for you? A mint. (Bet you thought I was going to say "SPAM" didn't ya?)

Vina - A "SPAM-MELT" if you will? I may try it. But seriously, my wife isn't going to want my meat. (Hey, that didn't come out right!)

Anonymous - Unlike generations of Hawaiians, I have never had fried SPAM.

Cora - That is SUCH a deal. I am so on the winning side of that! Just wait until they make SPAMmed salmon. SPALMON! Then you will whistle a different tune.

Cowguy - Treat yourself, man. But don't use TREET. That's just low rent SPAM, and you know it.

And for the love of all that is holy, don't do a Google image search on "Treat Meat"!

J.J. - I'm better than Jenny Craig!