Super Hero Smack Down – Part 1

This is all Skyler's Dad's fault.

A while back, he posted a version of the below [LINK].  I cleaned up the lettering and the wording a little, and mailed it to a friend.  But it was a seed.

Finished-Captain America 01
Unfortunately, that seed turned into a KUDZU MONSTER this weekend.

Finished-Superman Finished-Thor


Cora said...

You'll be doing a Wonder Twins one, right? RIGHT????

Just kidding. I know the answer to that already. ;-)

You were so cute while you were making this series. You were sooooooo excited and giggly. Absolutely adorable. Hee hee hee.

Joshua said...

Cora has a twin? Lucky guy.

I'm sending my dad all three of these. You picked three of four of his favorites. Do Spiderman next? Pretty please?

Scope said...

Joshua, Spider-Man is definately on the list. I tried to do most of the "A List" super heroes that non-comic book fans would recognize. I probably stray from that a little. Also, for some reason, I really didn't feel like dealing with mutants.

If I did my math right, there should be about 3 a day for the rest of the week.