Boom Goes The Room

5:30 AM – That's what the clock says.

It's a Saturday, and I'm wake at 5:30 am?  Uggg.  Well, might as well hit the bathroom.  Cora's breathing deep.  Maybe if I roll out of bed, I can make it without waking her.

So, I roll to the side of the bed, and then… IT HAPPENED…

No, I didn't fart.

No, it wasn't a sneeze that makes you pee a little, either.

The top left corner of the bed gave way, and the bed and box spring and mattress obeyed the law of gravity and plummeted toward the floor.  Luckily the storage tubs under the bed BROKE part of the fall.

And Cora woke up thinking there was an earthquake.

And I was feeling like a fat-ass who just rudely woke his wife early on a Saturday morning.

After we peeled off the mattress and box spring, we discovered that the ledge inside of the side rail on my side had pulled out of the cheap thin nails holding it parallel to the side.  With nothing to support the slat…

So we tried to figure things out.  Who would you call to fix something like that?  We live in a condo.  Should we just ditch the bed and get a new frame?  What should we do for tonight?  Kick The Daughter out to the couch and take her bed?

Then I remembered something…

I walked into the bedroom closet, and behind the door, I grabbed the two 5 fool long, steel "L" brackets, and then went out to the storage locker and got 14 x 1" long wood screws.

With the magic of a (non-laser) level and an electric screwdriver, we attached the new brackets to the inside of the rails, put down the slats, and laid down the box spring and mattress.

I know what you're thinking?  How on earth, in a 2 BR condo, did you happen to have all the supplies you needed to fix this?

Well, the bed we fixed was the one Cora brought into the marriage.  My old bed is the one the daughter is sleeping on now.  Before the move, I thought that THAT bed was going to suffer the same fate, so I got the supplies to fix it.  But then, I decided to remove the screws from the ledge piece, move it down an inch, and re-attach it.  So, I ended up fixing the other bed, and not needing the supplies.

So, they got stowed away for later. 

And when I pulled the exact thing we needed to fix the bed from out behind the closet door, Cora had to make the "Mary Poppins" reference about her pulling things out of her carpet bag.

And that not all the action that we saw in the bedroom this weekend.

We also re-arranged some furniture and put up a shelving unit.

So, what did you break this weekend?


Cora said...

We got SO MUCH done this weekend. Maybe being startled out of bed at 5:30 has a positive side. We certainly weren't lazy! :-)

Scope said...

It did get us working around the house.