Throw Back Thursday–I'm 5 Years Old Today


Here's a throw back picture.  It's from about 5 years ago.  More correctly, 5 years and a day.

Five years ago today, I boarded an airplane and flew 2,000 miles for a first date.  Looking back on it, it might seem like we took a big chance.

Not really.

On our second date (part of which is pictured above), I was pretty sure I'd met "the one" and just had to figure out how not to screw it up.  And, despite all historic president, I didn't!

Cora, you are, without a shadow of a doubt, the most wonderful woman, and the absolute perfect one for me.  I kind of feel like I was born on the day we met.  You and our daughter have enriched my life beyond anything I could have imagined.  Thank you for taking this adventure with me.

And that's why I'm in the middle of doing something that I haven't done since March of 2011: Posting 5 weekdays in a row.  This blog is how we met.  I can't let it go.  Even if almost no one reads it any more.

You do.

Even if you are sitting across the room, and I can walk over and kiss you (heck, I just did), I also need to see you out here, too.  Because I love you and I love this part of us.

And here are the links to those posts from 5 years ago:

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Cora said...

You! You just made me cry, you punk! You're so lovely! What an amazing adventure we have had these past five years. That's all due to you. You who was brave enough to get on that plane. *le sigh* :-) And I'm so absolutely glad you did! You are the most incredible man I've ever known and you are SOOOOOO the Prince Charming I was hoping was waiting out there somewhere. I love you and our wonderful little family so very, VERY much!!!! Happy Anniversary!

Scope said...

I just wanted "the world" to know what I tell you every day: I love you and I have no idea how I ever got along with out you.

Red said...

Happy anniversary, you two! My husband and I met on match.com, but we broke up for a while and his blog played a major role in us getting back together. Yay for love and blogging!

Red said...

Happy anniversary, you two! My husband and I met on match.com, but his blog (rock and roll astronaut.blogspot.com) played a major role in getting us back together when we split for a while. Yay for love and blogging!