My Day Friday

Okay, so I gave you a bit of taste of last Friday HERE. And now a little more about last Friday. I know you probably read some of that over at Cora's place, and she's probably posting a little more today.

After the airport, we drove to Lake Washington, where Lucky Gwen met the most unluckiest of fates. On the way, we almost caused a traffic backup as we were Kiss Statuetoo busy making out like a couple of teenagers to notice the light had turned green. Luckily no one started honking. After a nice lunch at Ivar's, sitting out on a little pier on the lake, we went for a little walk in the rain. After all, it is Belgium Seattle. It rains.

From there, we went to Cora's house for a few minutes. Her house is cozy and inviting and filled with love. And Harry Potter. After hanging out for a while, we picked her daughter and went off in search of Jimi Hendrix's grave.


I had visions of when I searched thru Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris for Jim Morrison's

Yeah, not so much.

We pulled into the cemetery parking lot, and there it stood. Neat, tasteful, respected. Again, not like Jim Morrison. The lipstick on the etchings inside I found touching. Not that I would be putting my lips there, mind you, but it was a sweet touch.

While we were there, another guy said that he'd read that it was just the memorial, but that the true grave site was down in the cemetery further. With the help of a couple of BlackBerry's web surfing, we got in the right area and began hunting. Luckily, a worker came by and told us that it was bunk. The body had been there, but was moved to the memorial.

When then headed back to Cora's where her mom came home early to meet me. Or to catch us holding hands or something. She was a charming lady and told no embarrassing stories about her daughter (rats!) Soon, everyone dispersed. Us to check me in to the hotel (yes, I carried her over the threshold), and Gwen off to her father's for the weekend.

We met Callista and her husband Mad Dog at the Cheese Cake Factory. I guess my camera stayed in my pocket, for there are no photos from me, but the ladies will have posted some. The evening went well. I felt like we were two couples out having dinner together on a Friday night, not an interrogation subject. The pulled pork sandwich (insert joke here) was fabulous.

But, the long day, lack of sleep the night before, and the 2 hour time change all ganged up on my ass, and delivered a sever smack down on me and I crashed hard in the hotel room.

But Saturday would come, and Cora and I would spend our day finding the disgusting gum wall, an even more disgusting McDonald's, and one of the finest dining experiences of my life where certain phrase may have been uttered.

Stay tuned, and I'll let you know who said what first.

Oh, and a quick side questions: Any of you who had an pools or side bets on my weekend with Cora, please email me and we will let you know who won. (To ensure victory, please mail me what you think is a fair and reasonable cut. Who ever is the "most reasonable" will be declared the winner. All other contributions will be kept, and used towards Cora's ticket to visit here in May. It will help me, and teach you a valuable lesson about under-bribing the judge.)


Poobomber said...

I'm betting on ginormously tall redheaded kids of abnormally high intelligence and exuberance...

Oh, I'm supposed to email you guys. Whoops!

mo.stoneskin said...

I vague remember betting that you would form a fetal position (prompted by a post, it wasn't my idea!), but it wasn't a real bet. Did you?

Cora said...

I love that picture! LOVE IT!!!!

Glad the pulled pork was fabulous. *snicker, snicker*

Sassy Britches said...


Okay, I have to stop that. I'm hurting people's eardrums.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

My bet was that Scope uttered the first phrase in Latin: "Vidi, vini."

Jan @ Struck by Serendipity said...

So your first date was going to a graveyard?? Surely I'm not the only one that finds this odd!

Which certain phrase? "I think we should be friends?" ;-)

SkylersDad said...

I love Ivars! How strange that after being married to a Bellevue gal for all these years I feel I know the area so well.

As far as the phrase goes, it wouldn't have been "Does this look infected?" would it? ;^)

Anonymous said...

Hey! His name is Mad Dog or the hubby, we don't refer to him by his real name on the blog buddy! =o)
Haha! So you saw the gross gum wall? i am soo soo sorry!

Cora said...

Sassy: I think I need a hearing aid now.

Callista: The wall wasn't that gross, really. Now if there had been an odor.... BLAH. But otherwise I found it more impressive than icky. I just wanna know who started it!

J.J. in L.A. said...

Was that first phrase, "Pass the salt"? What else could it be???

And be lucky you're not meeting my family - a cousin asked another cousin's b/f, "Do you shave...down there?" He actually answered her and I said, "Prove it."

He didn't.

Sass said...

I'll tell you the same thing I told Cora...This makes me giggle.

tee hee.

Scope said...

Hey Sass, love, love, LOVE the new profile picture.

Sass said...

Really??? I'm still iffy on it.

Scope said...

And Callista, I have no idea what you're talking about. It clearly says "Mad Dog" in the post. ;-)

~E said...

I didn't have any side bets going but will heartily pretend I did just so I can say:

I won my bet but you can keep my winnings to fund Cora's trip.

I figure the amount of grinning my face off at the blog posts that will ensue from reading further aobut your dates will be well worth that extra pair of high heels I woulda bought with the money.