I Gazed Across The Table And Said…


So, I'm atop the Space Needle, across the table from this gorgeous, sexy, smart, funny woman.  The view was spectacular.  And the scenery out the window wasn't bad, either.  The food was fabulous.  It was a simply a magical evening.  So, during a quiet moment, when we were both just soaking it in, I had to do it.  I'd been fighting it since I landed.  Heck I'd been fighting it for a month.  So, I took her hands in mine, looked her in the eyes, and said…


Wait, wait, wait, that's jumping to the end of the story.  I distinctly remember people asking for details.  Sorry about that.

I know Cora is doing a macro story(s) of the day, so I'm going to do the micro.  Provide you with a couple of details.


We were headed back to the car.  Exhausted from our morning of wandering around the city, and we thought a quick catnap would be refreshing.  (No, we did not go back for a "quickie" ya pervs)  Before getting to the car, we stopped in McDonald's to use the washrooms.  I ask you, what kind of animal takes a dump in the urinal?  Really?  And did they just bidet in the sink?  NASTY!  Someone obviously didn't have a Happy Meal!

I understand from Cora that the ladies room was just a besoiled.


The Sci-Fi Museum closed, and we had some time to kill before our dinner atop the Space Needle.  There was a little park nearby, so we walked down to it.  The park was nothing special, but what was that going on across the street?  What was that guy doing?  He kept fiddling with it.  Trying.  Desperate.  We had to stop and stare.  (We're like that.)  Struggle as he might, he couldn't get it up.  Bless his soul, but he tried.  Running it back and forth across the ground.  Back and forth.  He almost got it up, but it failed instantly.  Finally, dejected, and maybe ashamed by his inability to perform in front of an audience, he took his radio controlled airplane and went home.

DSC00063  What did you think I was talking about?


DSC00065 Just up the street from the park we found the Venik Lounge.  I had a couple of Trumer Pilsners, Cora, just had a glass of water, and we shared some warm roasted nuts.  (What the?)

But it wasn't just water. 

It was ENFUSED water.  With what?  Lemons?  Limes?  Melons?



And it was really, really, good.  You should try this at home.


Now where was I?  Oh yeah, so, I took her hands in mine, looked her in the eyes, and said… "I love you."

And she SO said it back.  :-)

And then we leaned across the table, and gently kissed.  It was truly a moment I will long cherish.


Sass said...

I don't feel right being the first to comment..but I'll do it anyway.

I'm happy for you guys, Scope. So unbelievably happy...

Poobomber said...

Hehehe, awesome dude!

Well, unless you followed "I love you" with, "I put roofies in yer drink."

Cora said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Well, you are extremely lovable, you know!!!! :-) :-) :-) :-)

And you're the punctual one too. Darn you. Once again, I didn't get my post done in time. It should be ready later today... or early tomorrow depending on how uber wordy I start getting with it.

(Is it just me or did that sound dirty? ;-))

And as for the guy with the plane, HILARIOUS!!!! The best part was the way he was walking across the field in a completely defeated way. I felt mean (MEAN) standing there laughing at him, but c'mon, how could we not?! That was FUNNY.

Plus, with all those power lines around him, what did he think he was gonna do with that thing if he actually got it up?! Bizarre.

And, see, this is why my posts never get done in time, isn't it? Because I leave looonnnngggggg comments everywhere I go. I really should be working on my post.


Oh, what the hell, one more before I go: I love you!!

(OW!! Sassy, please stop screaming like that. My ears can't take any more.) ;-)

Shana said...

Yep, new friends are the best!!

So happy for you and Cora. So great. You both deserve it!!! Here is to new love!!

I have heard of cucumber water but have never tried it. The airplane guy sounds funny!!

Jan @ Struck by Serendipity said...

Altogether now... "AHHHHH....."

So excited for you!

PS - the facebook comment would have been just as sweet.... ok, maybe not.

Srg said...

You two make an adorable couple! So happy for the both of you!

mo.stoneskin said...

No way am I putting cucumber in my water. No way.

Morgan the Muse said...



spleeness said...

I'm a brand new reader but when I read this, my eyes teared up. How sweeet! I must now read the backlog of blog posts that document the budding of this romance. Aw!

SkylersDad said...

I think you should have spent the time in the openness of the park running towards each other in slow motion. (or does than only happen in movies?)

Anonymous said...

Love has got to be in the air. It's everywhere. It's my birthday this month so how come love hasn't slapped me in the face yet? Oh Poo! I'm happy for you both though :)

Soda and Candy said...


Sweetest blog post ever.

J.J. in L.A. said...

Too bad you two weren't in an Italian restaurant. You could've re-created the "spaghetti scene" from Lady and the Tramp.

Ain't love grand?

Anonymous said...

AW man you guys are making me puke. OK really you're making me go "AWWWW!" and think about kittens, but I have a tough image to uphold here. :)

Anonymous said...

Doesn't everyone enjoy water infused with cucumbers in it? Hmmm... I thought this was the norm.

Sassy Britches said...

DANG IT! And here I was thinking I had kept the squealing down to a dull roar.

Char said...

I just love reading this 'stuff'. Keep it coming!

Bee and Rose said...

Ok..SkylersDad...that was just darn cute...

Scope...you are just the sweetest...I am filled with warm fuzzies for you and Cora!

(my computer crashed...I can't believe I missed so much excitement!)

I am sooo happy for you and Cora!

Cora said...

*giggling at Sky Dad ~ hee hee hee*


Cowguy said...

this is the mushiest thing I've read all day long... and I smiled the whole time while reading it.

Congrats you 2 lovesick fools.

Currently Untitled said...

you better have a live video feed at your wedding
*cough* later this week *cough*

if only that man had stuck around longer (and stalked you a little bit)then his day would have brightened up immediately!

Gwen said...

I generally have a very low threshhold for this kind of talk but since it's you two, I'll stick around and listen.


Grant Miller said...

Blog love. Sweet.

Fancy Schmancy said...

Awww, I know I'm way behind the story, but loving every little installment of it. I can't tell you how happy I am for you both!!!! As I told Cora, you guys had me at the first kiss at the airport! Best wishes for happiness!

~E said...

Oh my god.

I was gonna scream bloody murder if you (in the midst of all the detail telling) forgot to continue the part of the story we were all waiting to hear.

But you didn't.

And so I commence in saying:


*big grin*

Occula said...

awwwww! I'm so happy for you.