Feeling Crabby

So, the economy is down.

Your restaurant business is down.

Your franchise fees are up.

You don't have the money to redo the whole thing.

You gotta go eat at Moe's!


Cora said...

I'll avoid making Simpsons comments two days in a row.... but it isn't easy!!

YAY for Good Fridays! :-)

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Moe's is one of my favorite food shacks!
Good food cheap!

Or is that Joe's? Come to think of it, where's the guy wearing the sandwich board?

Sassy Britches said...

I wonder where they hide the J?

Cowguy said...

I've ate at Moe's the world over. I've said it before and I'll say it again... there's no moe's like yo moe's.

*I'm just talking incoherently outta my ass now.*

O.G. said...

I was going to make a Simpson's comment until I saw Cora's pledge to abstain. If it did it now I'd feel guilty.

I hope others will follow her example.

Eudae-Mamia said...


I wonder if their aprons just have the "J" crossed out?

(over from Sass) Em

Sass said...

Hey, look, Scope. EM's here from my place. She's good people. Treat her nice.

And I don't see the problem with Eating at Moe's...after all, one of my personal favorites here in town is AppleDee's.

That joke worked better in my head. Probably shoulda left it there.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

Eating at Moe's Crab Shack is better than eating at Moe's Outback.

Is it just me, or does the chocolate thunder from down under taste a little funny to you, too?

Anonymous said...

I used to eat at JOES crabshack.

I don't much like crab. Or lobster. Well, I really pretty much don't like seafood at all.

Soda and Candy said...

hahaha, glad the comments explained this one for someone who didn't know about Joe's.

Reminds me of when I was making a file for a local restaurant with Crab Shack in the name and left out the H.

Crabsack became my new favorite insult.

Sassy Britches said...

Soda & Candy--that's one for the books!

Fancy Schmancy said...

There is a chain called Moe's but it's a Mexican restaurant. All I can think of is that Mexican crabs sounds like something you'd get off a hooker in Tiajuana!

Scope said...

Cora - Moe's? Joe's? MoJo's? You're welcome. :-)

Candy – It was cold and rainy, so maybe he was inside putting little "M" stickers on the menus. Or he got shit-canned.

Sassy B. – I think they sold them to OutJack's Steakhouse. (Totally stealing from Sass and Jenks.)

Cowguy – Moe's Better. Moe's Def.

O.G. – Make all the Simpson's jokes you want. Especially if it's some kind of "Judge Ito" pun.

Eudae-Mamia – I recognize you, welcome. And I believe that they used hunks of duct tape and Sharpies to rework their aprons.

Sass – I will treat any of your friends with all the manners of a good host. Now excuse me while I try not to think of jokes like "chocolate soft serve from Dairy Queer." See jokes like that are just not right, and fill me with shame.

the iNDefatigable mjenks – I think the Moe's "chocolate thunder from down under" contains too many peanuts for my liking. (or for "my LICKING" if you really want to call her "Ms. Jackson" ('cuz you're nasty)).

Nikki – You don't like crab or lobster or any sea food? I think I need to organize a telethon or something, because that is one of the saddest stories I've ever heard, and I read your blog today.

Soda and Candy – "Crabsack" is my word of the week. I've been seeing you around, and have meant to say "Hello."

Sassy Britches – Yes it is.

Fancy Schmancy – I want no part of that "Low Country Crab Boil" if you know what I mean.

Shana said...

You are funny!!
Marissa says "Thanks!!"

mo.stoneskin said...

I thought I ought to step in and make things clear.

This isn't my crab shack.

And besides, I would pick a dead crab off the beach and server it for half Moe's price.

Scope said...

Mo, I thought you'd own a tanning booth / salon called "Mo's Toned Skin"


J.J. in L.A. said...

I didn't have anything to say here because I'm not a seafood person...but you've 'won' an award! Go to my blog and you'll see someone familiar there. : )

Soda and Candy said...

Scope - Gwen can tell you who I am, but I'd prefer it not mentioned publicly...

: )