We're (sigh) People of Walmart

Last Sunday, (well, I'm writing this on Sunday, so a week ago today), The Daughter got a bee in her bonnet and really wanted to get an expansion pack for her Sims 3 game.  It's called "World Adventures".  We needed to run to Best Buy, so we checked there, and they didn't have it.  (It's one of the first expansion packs they put out, so it's really not surprising they didn't have it.)  We also tried GameStop, but struck out there, too.

Brick and mortar was given their shot, so we turned to the internet.  If it can find me the love of my life (see yesterday's post), it should be able to find a video game.

We found it on eBay, Amazon, and Walmart.  Walmart was way cheaper than it was anywhere else, so we bought it.


As an added bonus, Walmart will ship free to any UPS Store for free.  Which is cool.  There's a UPS Store across the street from The Daughter's school.  They delivered it Friday, but we didn't pick it up until Friday.

And we opened it up only to discover that it wasn't the game, but the guide to the game!  In my haste, I guess I failed to notice the "Format: Paperback" and the 1 x 1 star review that said, "I thought it was a game."



Okay, how do we return this thing?  We can return it to the store, but there's really no convenient store around here.  Fortunately, we were driving down state, and meeting my parents for lunch.  We each drove about an hour and a half and met about half way.  And what do you know, there's a Walmart right across the street from the place we chose to eat.

So, after a nice lunch with Mom & Dad, we all hit Walmart.  I returned the guide book, and then we walked around a bit.  Throwing caution to the wind, we went back to the electronics department to see if they had it on the shelves.

We could find the Wii & Xbox games, but there were no PC games to be found, nor was there a sales associate.  We finally tracked one down and he took us into the shoe department and showed us the half aisle of PC games and shoes.


And that's where The Daughter almost hyperventilated.  She found what she was looking for in a multipack, with another expansion pack that she wanted, too, for only $4 more.


So, Walmart managed to pull victory from the jaws of defeat, and we're the "Cyber People Of Walmart".


Cora said...

And she didn't want to leave the house that day. Ha! Walmart showed her!

Scope said...

Yes. Great lesson in "Your parents know what they are talking about."