The New View Review

So, I've been sitting at my new desk in at work for a couple of weeks now.  There are some pros and some cons.

But a lot more pros than cons.

Our department has gone through a huge re-org, and so we were shuffling people all over the floor.  The 3 seats in this corner weren't really being used, so I petitioned the director doing the floor chart if my team could move it.  She and I have known each other about 25 years, and I ask few favors.

More than the windows and view, I really wanted to move out of the "cube and aisle" and into a more open arrangement.  The team can talk and interact without disturbing the rest of the floor.

But since this is as close to a "corner office" as I'm ever going to get, I must say, the view doesn't suck.


Now, I'm not sure if later in the summer, the setting sun coming down the street will super heat it, forcing me to draw a shade, or in the winter all the windows will freeze me out, but for now I have settled, more or less, and it is good.


The secondary computer is the one in the corner.  I rarely use it.  My primary one has the nicer screen and the shade behind it to reduce distractions.


Like this reflection of a flapping American flag in the building across the street.

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Cora said...

That is quite the view. Beautiful!