So, yesterday, I'm heading into the office late.  I drove The Daughter to school because she wasn't feeling to well and fought to wrap up a work project that I'd been dealing with since Friday morning.  Successfully dropped off the daughter.  Failed to resolve the work issue.  (Finally beat the work problem around 7:20 pm, if you were wondering.)

Anyway, checking work email on my phone while riding the L, and there's an email from one of the secretaries in IT, congratulating "Matt D." on the birth of his first child.

"Man, am I out of touch, " I thought to myself, "I didn't know he was even dating anyone seriously, let alone expecting a child.  I really need to mingle more at work."

Then came the correction email.

"Matt J." and his wife had the baby.

Oooops!  (They are both tall, thin, used to work on the same team and sat next to each other.  People get them confused a lot, but still.)

As serious adults who work for a major law firm, we did the proper thing, and brutally hazed him all day.

So, when I thought my day was $hitty, I just looked at the Photoshopped picture of Matt D's head on a baby's body, and I felt a whole lot better.

What's the email you wish you could "un-send"?


Cora said...

Photoshop makes everything better.

(Of course, when I say Photoshop, I mean Picmonkey, but still!)

MJenks said...

Wait. I've already had two kids. What the heck???

Scope said...

That you know of... ;-)

The names weren't changed. Merely shortened. Because I'm lazy.