Happy Anniversary, Cora

All, it was one year ago today that Cora and I met in person.  And the thing is, knowing how amazing and wonderful this year has been, this next year is going to be even more magical.

DAY2-Snog Engagement-Picture (2) Ginos-Graffiti-02 HEART-LIGHTDSC00653


J.J. said...

Happy Anniversary!
Happy Anni-ver-sary!
Happy Anni-ver-sary!
Haaa-pppy Ann-iver-sary!

LOVE the pics!!!

Vodka Mom said...

dammit, you HAD to go and make me cry.

*****blows nose in tissue****

JenJen said...

How sticky stinking sweet!!!

Cora said...

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Shana said...