An Opening Day Tradition

Cubs-SuckI was sure I post this last year, but I guess I didn't.  Every opening day for the last few years I play this little snippet of history to get me in the mood for the baseball  season.  I know I've been ripping on the Cubs and their fans a little recently, and honestly, I have no plans on stopping any time soon.  :-)

To set the scene:  It's April 29th, 1983, and the Cubs are off to a 5 & 14 start.  And after the game, their manager, Lee Constantine Elia





with a live microphone in the room.

I remember this day.  I remember the radio station airing this rant (bleeped, of course) over and over that week.

And to this day, its how I kick off the season.

Safe For Work Version – Bleeps!

Not Safe For Work Version – No bleeps!



Jan @ Struck by Serendipity said...

Love it!!

Some Guy said...

This is an all-time classic! I remember when it happened.

Cora said...

Thaaaaaaat was uncomfortable.

I wonder what his blood pressure is....


Scope said...

Jan - I thought you would.

Some Guy - I can't tell you where I was when Reagan was shot, but I can tell you the exact stretch of road I was on when I heard this bleeped for the first time.

And for those of you thinking I'm unfair to the "Boys in Blue", let me remind you that they just changed owners. So they went out and got a family with a name that is synonymous with strength and virility: Ricketts. What, the "Scurvy" family didn't step up to the table? Nor did the "Peter Polio"? I mean, for a team that believes in the curse of the Billy Goat, "Ricketts" has GOT to be an omen.

Scope said...

Cora - Imagine going out to face the fans the next day?

I would have called in "dead".

SkylersDad said...

One of the truly great rants of all time!