Wedding Work Weekend Wrap-up

So, last Saturday, Cora and I were fairly unsupervised, so we did what all engaged couples do: wedding stuff!  And I do mean stuff!

The first batch of wedding invites were stuffed.  You can read most of the details over at Cora's blog.  But I will say, we worked like a well oiled machine.  Sure, we started off putting the cute inserts into the wrong envelopes, but we recovered.  And we did some very smart things:

  • We assembled the sections in phases with each person only doing a few tasks, so we got good an fast at our tasks.
  • After we made a couple, we went to the post office and had them weighed to make sure that we weren't THAT couple that sent things out postage due.
  • Peel & Stick! Return addresses? Yes! Mailing addresses? Yes!  Stamps!  Outer envelope? No!  Yeah, we cheaped out a little and got the like 'em style envelopes.  Saved ourselves some decent coin.

All the envelopes were stuffed, and we were down to the sealing the envelopes.  Cora looked me in the eyes.  I gazed lovingly back at her, and we both had the same thought: "If you think I'm licking these, you are out of your ever loving mind.  Remember what happened to George's girlfriend on Seinfeld?"

I suggested a sponge, and Cora popped up and brought 2 little spongy makeup brushes and a shallow bowl of water.  And we ripped through the final steps of putting the invites together.

But we did take time out to play a little.

We met up with Cora's family at Red Robin, and I had a pretty girl sit right up on my knee.

WWWW-Eric-Cute-GirlBut seriously, what in the wide, wide world of sports is going on with my hair?  That's REALLY not the look I was going for.

And we saw a car that went WAY beyond "wash me".


But we were being stalked.  Stalked by the fact that I was heading home on Sunday.WWWW-Sneaky-Plane But before I left, we had a couple of tasks on Sunday:  Mail the invites, order the wedding cake, and have a little lunch.  We decided on Subway, so I Googled mapped it, and there was one right in front of us, at Grady.  Now, I will estimate that I have been through that intersection 30 or 40 times in the last year that I've been going out to see Cora.  And her, a couple thousand times?  Yet, it took Google to point out that the Subway was attached to the gas station there on the corner.

The trip tot he airport was sad, but when we realized that we would be together again in just 2.5 weeks, it didn't seem so bad.

And now, I'm down to 2 weeks, and I'm wondering: Do I have enough time to clean this joint before they get here?


Cora said...

Ooh, creeEEeeEEeepy!! That freaky half-assembled plane was kinda stalking us, wasn't it?


As for your hair, HUH???? What's wrong with it? It looks like I ran my hands through it passionately. So? You got a problem with that?!?!

*glares threateningly*


Jan @ Struck by Serendipity said...

How exciting! You guys are getting everything done very quickly!

Love the new header! (Or maybe it's not new? I've been away for awhile..) :)

Scope said...

Cora - I may just shave my head bald for the wedding if my hair keeps looking like that. ;-)

Jan - The header is left over form yesterday's April Fool's Day bit about Cubs fans, and their sweet, tender hopes that get CRUSHED every year. Figures a Card's fan would notice!

SkylersDad said...

Your invites are great! Thanks a lot, I am trying to work out details.

J.J. said...

Scope, when I meet up with you guys on the honeymoon, I fully expect your hair to be all out of whack. I'll be disappointed if it's not.

Cora, did you 'hear' that? Good. ; )