My Day In Pictures…

How did my day go yesterday?

Well, I went to the vending machine, which has some kind of "SureVend" technology that may use some kind of laser or electric eye beam to make sure that your product drops and you get to enjoy your tasty, salty, garlicy Gardetto's


Which explains why I had to hit the machine with a high shoulder slam to get them to fall.  Rat bastards.


Speaking of rat bastards, I get on the "L" around 5:00, and I see this ass-hat zonked out.  Not only is he taking up two seat, with his guitar & amp, but his legs are splayed out taking out a huge amount of standing room, too.


Since he didn't so much as twitch for 7 train stops, I figure he was most likely dead, and just dumped there.  Because no one would SLEEP on the "L".  Right?

And no, I cannot explain the plastic pumpkin, either.


JenJen said...

that's not a pumpkin, that's a...hat?

Cora said...

Sleeping on the "L" in rushhour with a preschooler's trick-or-treat pumpkin???? Are you sure you weren't on Candid Camera, Scope?

Soda and Candy said...

*revises corpse-dumping plans*

Wait, what?

Dr Zibbs said...

You should sell those pictures as prints. They're REALLT good.

mo.stoneskin said...

Rat bastards? Rats? I hate it when rodents get grief. What have they ever done? It's not like the manufacture faulty vending machines.

SkylersDad said...

Want to go in on a new vending company with me? I think we could could name it auto-vend, like maybe it might vend, or it auta vend, just don't hold your breath?

Sassy Britches said...

It's okay. Clearly the Gardetto's have the same effect on you as they do on me...the strange preservatives make me woozy like I'm on drugs or something (hence your fuzzy pics, har-har).

And ho-ly smokes, what a COMPLETE asshat. You should have shouted "TRICK OR TREAT!" in his ear to wake him up.