Have A Good Friday…

I don't think this is the "Dyed Hair" I meant

Sorry, it seems the Easter egg hunt will have to be canceled this year.

(Yes, I ran this same picture last year, but a classic's a classic.)

Have a great weekend, ya'll!


J.J. said...

I never get tired of this picture. lol!

Unlike rabbits, classics never die!

KaLynn said...

aw! rats! i was wantin to hunt for eggs!

Happy Easter!!

Cora said...

I had to wait 'til all the kids were gone to view this or else I'd have some tears to wipe and some 'splainin' to do. ;-)

I don't know if I ever told you, but after the kids' egg hunt in my backyard we always have an adult hunt. Not for eggs though. We used to hide little bottles of liquor out there and then mom, dad, step mom, sis, bro, BIL and I would practically knock each other down racing to find them all. But none of us drink now, so this year we're hiding (....wait for it....) pudding cups.

Yes, pudding cups.

How OLD FOLKS HOME does THAT feel going from liquor to pudding cups???? I shudder to think what we'll be hunting for in the future - Depends?

Mimi Lenox said...

Oh my Lord. I haven't had breakfast yet. Yuk!!!

JenJen said...

aw man this made me sad. boo!

Vodka Mom said...

oh, my. Lord.

I almost used that one myself.