Art Attack 3: In 3D

Well, the blog isn't in 3D, but the art sure is. Thought I would bring you some crazy art projects that I've run across in downtown Chicago.

Many of them are associated with Pop-Up Art Loop Chicago. It's a project that turns empty store fronts into temporary art galleries.

It appears that Andy isn't the only one growing up in the Toy Story universe. It appears that Sid, the neighbor kid from the first movie, has also grown into an artist. I saw these back in January, but I cannot seem to find any information on the artist on the website.



A brain and false teeth under glass.

2 Toys Enter – 1 Toy Leaves


Reminds me of this one weekend in college.

Nothing is tougher than this.

But there's another bit of 3D art that you've just got to see. Went with the girls to take a look at it on Saturday.

It's call "The Eye". For fairly obvious reason, I would guess.

EYE-04 EYE-03 EYE-02

It's a 30 foot tall fiberglass eyeball. It's on display at State & Van Buren. And it can creep you out seriously. Until October. When it goes away.

Miro-StatueThe girls and I then hit a few more art installations like the Miro. Who doesn't like a statue with a giant fork sticking out of its head?

And then went to a gallery with some really interesting glass work. It was a special multidimensional fused glass art. "Unfortunately", we spent so much time actually talking to the artist, that we forgot to snap some photos. Here is a LINK to the gallery, and to Michelle Rial's website.

After a lunch at "In Fields" (a restaurant in Macy's) where we had a grand lunch of a cheese burger (me), chicken tenders (Gwen), and a chicken and cheese sandwich on cinnamon bread with apple smoked bacon (Cora), we wandered over to Millennium Park, and then down the lake front gorgeous lakefront to the "Museum Campus".

Swelter in the August sun and nearly dead from heat stroke, we couldn't wait to get the "L" back home, ditch this "culture" stuff, and watch some more Simpsons.

And now, some extra pictures that didn't really fit in the narrative. Mostly because that dang Miro picture was too tall:





Cora said...

I spy with my huge-ass eye....

Georgie Girl said...

Look at you and your cute family trips downtown. :)

P.S. The fused glass link ROCKS.

BeckEye said...

I want that eye. Can you steal it for me?

J.J. in L.A. said...

"The girls and I..."

LOVE IT! : )

Speaking of forks in the road, some guys created a HUGE fork as a joke to a friend and, you guessed it, planted it in a fork in the road.

Lisa-tastrophies said...

Oh dude, that eye is creeping me out. But if it means I can get a Portello's if I go see it - I'm all in!