Guess What Week It Is, Kiddies? Clown Sausage

Clown-Meat-02As you can imagine, spending 2 weeks doing clown research (I've been planning this for a while) on the internets will provide you with a whole lot of clown related content that does not easily fit into neat little packages.  So, I'm gonna sweep up the scrapes, and deliver unto you some fine clown sausage.

Like that little hunk of bologna over there.  I'm just imagining going after that with a knife, and slicing off a sliver.

Would you fry it?  Smother it in ketchup so it looked like blood?

I was looking of a website that would take your picture and turn you into a clown.  That's how I eventually found Scott's Evil Clown Generator.  While I was searching, I did all kinds of searches.  Nothing was working.  I wanted something like the Obama-Me tool, but made you into a clown.

So I did an image search on: "Obama-Me" clown


And thrown under the bus by my own wife!  That's gonna leave a mark. (But at least she says she loves me, so I will forgive her.)

A while back, when I was writing a post that I never published about my bother's wife not attending our wedding, I was looking for a good image of a nuclear mushroom cloud.

And found these guys.  Was going to use them in the "Scary Clown" post, but it was too long anyway.

Mushroom Cloud Clown - Green Mushroom Cloud Clown - Red

I ran across the "Rainbo Bright" train wreck clown over there while I was working on the "Sexy Clown" post, but she didn't make the cut.  Pinkie over there, I found when I was looking for a good copy of the luncheon meat poster above.  Hard to tell age there, though.

Still Not Sexy

          The Jury's Still Out

Non-Sexy-Clown-01 Sexy? Clown?

This next little set of nightmares well, they defy explanation, but I'm gonna try anyway.

633745538656523260-clowns 1280686416598_a9ad3
I'm not sure what the hell kind of party this was.  I'm sure as hell glad I wasn't invited.  But I did promise you "clown sausage" and this is as close to "clown porn" as I was going to get. I was looking for "clown dentist" and almost used this one.  But then I found the one that I used, colored the hair, eyebrows and eyes, and went that way instead.
Clown Train

I believe this haunting image is from the abandoned amusement park in Chernobyl.
That makes it doubly sad and haunting.

This next one is a song I've never really liked.  Way to sad.  But, it's sung by an actress that I love, and have seen perform live on the London stage, so without further ado, Dame Judy Dench singing "Send In The Clowns" from the musical "A Little Night Music".

WOW! That was depressing.  Let me end clown week with one of my favorite clowns from my childhood.  Captain Kangaroo's "The Town Clown".

Well, it looks like I'm done clowning around.  Not sure what topics I will tackle next, but whatever they are, they're gonna have some mighty large shoes to fill!


Jan @ Struck by Serendipity said...

Large shoes, indeed. Thanks for sharing your clown fetish with us!

Cora said...

Omama me clown! Ahhhh. That still brings tears to my eyes. Hee hee hee heeeeeeeeeeee....

Cora said...

Maybe I should check my spelling before hitting publish, eh? I meant OBAMA me clown. Duh.

*I* am the OMAMA me clown. Clearly.

SkylersDad said...

The train picture will haunt me for months!

Anonymous said...

Loved your clown week!

Scope said...

Jan - Don't the circuses "winter" down somewhere in Florida? You may see clowns in their "regular people" costumes all the time, and not know it.

Cora - Tpyos? On tish blog?

Skydad - When I aim to disturb, I aim for the bullseye.

Anon - Thanks. Tried doing something a little different.

J.J. said...

Send in the Clowns, hmm? I truly hate that song. lol! But the search revealing Cora's love was cute.

Re: Sky Dad's comment - "You're welcome"...oh, wait. I get it. ; )