It's A Sign

Welcome Sign

Sunday – After a LONG day Saturday of working, Sunday called for a little road trip. I drive out to the suburbs for my oil changes to a place I've been going for over 15 years.

Partly out of habit.

Partly because it's nice to get out and actually drive my car for a change. (Remember, I have a 2001 with about 46,000 miles.)

But mostly, it's a good way to see some college friends who live about 5 blocks from the shop. So while I was getting the oil change, Cora and Gwen went to Target and Staples to wrap up the back to school shopping. Hanging with the friends was great. They have a daughter Gwen's age, and they get along pretty well (Gwen met MG both other times she was here.).

As the week's gone on, every day has started to feel even more normal. Walks around the park. Family dinners. Hanging our watching old Simpson's episodes. Waking up next to my wife.

Sorry I haven't been posting too much recently. But I have been doing my best to keep caught up on all of you. Life's just been a little busy recently.

And life?

It's good.


Cora said...

Damn straight. :-)

Sassy Britches said...

*happy dance*

J.J. said...

I'm so happy that you guys are SO happy!!! : )

But 'Collins & Stovall' sounds like a law firm. Kind of ironic, doncha think? lol!

Anonymous said...

Do you have a job that requires you to work on Saturdays?If so, how did you manage to fly out to see Cora on weekends? By the way I love Cora, pleae do not ever break her heart. She has been thru enough already.

Lisa-tastrophies said...

**Happiness** for you