Guess What Week It Is, Kiddies? Scary Clowns?

I'm certain some of you have seen the new banner, and have been thinking,

"Where can I get me some of THAT?"  Well, the background I stole from HERE, the lettering I did myself in Photoshop.  And for the evil clown, I used  Scott's Evil Clown Generator.  Go ahead.  Try it.  It's actually pretty darn fun.

image image

But what is it about scary clowns?  Clowns don't have to be scary to creep people out, so why do people go the extra mile to make them extra freaky?

I found the artist who did this picture that I used a while back, Ron English.  Here are a couple more of his clown nightmares.  To see more of his work, go to  Popaganda.

Ron English_Clown Kids Smoking                          [Link] Ron English Tamp Clown Boy
pintura__Ron-English-2006-Clown-Kids-Playing-Poker_jpg_w500                                                          [Link]

Is he done yet?  Oh, I'm far from done.

Everyone's favorite, The Simpsons, can't stay away from Bart's-Bedthe motif, either.  Krusty?  That's too easy of a shot.  Sideshow Bob?  The big shoe fits, but that's not where I'm going.  I'm going back to season 4.  The episode with Maggie's first word.  Homer built Bart this bed, as they moved him out of his baby crib and inspiring the classic line:

"Can't sleep.  Clown will eat me."

But you're right, that's not disturbing enough.  I tried looking for the video on line of Bart saying the line, curled up all fetal, but I really didn't have any luck.  Then I found this 3-D rendering of Bart saying the line.  Set "Disturbing" factor to 11!

Not there yet?  Did I mention that I want to have a haunted house some day, just filled with clowns?  My centerpiece will be a guy in a dentist chair, with blood all over the place, and the patient screaming over the sound of the high pitched drill.

I'm guessing nobody is reading down here after that picture, so I will leave you with two more videos. The first one I don't think was originally intended to be a mind freak, but it is.  The second one is actually a great Wal-Mart commercial that I loved when it was in the TV rotation.


Cora said...






*I want my mommy*

Bee and Rose said...

I will have nightmares for years after reading this post!!! AHHHHHH!!! I freakin' HATE clowns!

Those creepy clown children playing cards...oh.my.God!!!!!! And they are smoking!!! BLAHHHHHH!!!!

I'm going to go rock in a corner sucking my thumb now.....

Lisa said...

yeah, i didn't have a fear of clowns...


that's some scarey stuff that i'm sure will be making cameos in my dreams tonight.

i must go plot my revenge. you took the clowns from me.


SkylersDad said...

Outstanding stuff, and I love the Walmart commercial!

J.J. said...

Smoking baby clowns? Ewww!!!

And I loved that Wal-Mart commercial!

Scope said...

Cora - Your mother cannot save you, but your husband can.

Bee & Rose - Welcome back, and what a fine welcome back you've run into. Sorry about that.

Lisa - Then my work here is done.

Skydad - When I first saw it on TV, I did laugh out loud.

JJ - Yeah, the kiddie clowns smoking is wrong, but at least they aren't having a scotch with it, right?