I Am Mr. Roarke, Your Host, Welcome ...

I've been a very poor host. I'm sorry about that. Caught up in my entertaining duties, I have totally forgotten to welcome some of my new followers: Bee and Rose, Nej, Nikki, Ellie Great, Catrina, CHAKA, Just A Chic..., SaoirseDaily2, Paula aka. Zani, & J.J. in L.A.

So, welcome!

And while I don't want to be the host that lays down "house rules" a lot of blogs have kinda different vibes, and I don't know that I've ever explicitly set some of this down in words, and a snowy Sunday is a great day to meta-blog. (Blogging about blogging. Like meta-data is data about data, like the artist and album titles on your iPod. It's not the music, but it can give you important context for enjoying the music a little more. Or not. Depends upon you.)

1 - Like everyone, I love comments. Yes, I have a core group of commenters. They are really good people. From Candy and Gwen who were with me at the start, to Cora, who joined later. They all have one thing in common: they all left a first comment. You don't have to be in the core, a follower, or even a blogger to comment. All it takes is something to say.

2 - It doesn't have to be about the posting of the day. It can be about the "Quick Hit" over there --> too. Or anything. You can find my email address over in the...

3 - Sidebar. It's as important to me as the body, in some respects. The "Quick Hits" is my little side bar conversation with you. It's what's on my mind at the moment.

The "Oh The Places You'll Go" is set of photos that I've taken on my few travels. I plan on featuring them later. That's also where you'll find my followers. The heart and soul of blog. If you are on there, thanks. If you're not consider it. Or just keep popping in. I will also post fun widgets on occasions. At least fun for me.

[EDITOR'S NOTE: New Content]

4 - IDEAS - If you see something here that gives you a blog idea, go with it. Steal it. Run with it. Give it your own spin. Do it better. Do it funnier. Make me up my game. Zibbs, I'm DYING to hear your take on the super hearing devices.

[EDITOR'S NOTE: End of New Content]

Hope you enjoy your time you spend here. That's my goal.


Gwen said...

Love the new masthead and the Quick Hits. Great idea, innovator!

J.J. in L.A. said...

I've finally hit the big time! Scope mentioned me! Woo Hoo! I can just see the multitude of Followers falling at my feet...any day now!

(Btw, I need to know where to send the, uh, you know, bribe.)

Cora said...

Great. Just great. A welcome party for new followers, Scope?! Why the hell didn't I ever think to do that?! Where are my manners?! The only thing close to a welcome party my blog offers up are filthy word verifications every now and then - fun, f*ck yes; but good manners, f*ck no! Egad! Now I feel like a bad, bad, REALLY BAD bloggy hostess!




(In all seriousness, you are one sweet blog host, good sir! I think this is really cool what you just did. :-))

Bee and Rose said...

Well, thank you for the hearty welcome, Scope! I found your bloggy while I was out of town and only had a moment to become a devotee. Please accept my sincere apologies for just window peeping my first time over! My laptop battery died on me "mid-Scope" and that was that till I returned home!

I'm off to continue scoping out Scope!

Chaka said...

Thanks for the welcome. I've noticed that we comment on a lot of the same blogs. I'm looking forward to following your blog.

Scope said...

Gwen - Thanks, means a lot coming from my mentor.

JJ - Still remember you and I and Zibbs riding top down in the the Caddy :-)

Cora - Yes you have been naughty. Very, very naughty. Not that that's a bad thing.

Bee and Rose - Peep all you like!

Chaka - I'm just glad I you didn't say, "Chaka no likey!" a phrase that has been in my vocab for ever.

Scope said...

FYI - Updated content of post.

J.J. in L.A. said...

That's right! Good times! ; )

jadedj said...

This was inspiring. You had me. I was ready to finally comment on someone else's blog (other than my own) and then it happened. You mentioned the evil one. The pseudo Everyman Blogger. The one who caused my blog to overheat with hits and sometimes even comments. Yes, you know who...the Dr. Who, er, Zibbs...that's who.


Nej said...

Thanks for the warm welcome and tour!!

Sassy Britches said...

Am loving the Quick Hits! Way better than Twitter. More personal, in a way.

Fancy Schmancy said...

You are such a polite person...

I'm seriously thanking your mother for teaching you such good manners.

You are awesome!!!