You'd think that if you hung out a sign that said, "FREE GROIN PULLS" that guys would be lined up around the block, anxiously waiting their turn. Hell fire, some guys might even be willing to pay cash money to cut to the front of the line.

Turns out, no so much. :-(

* It's one of those things that sounds better than it turns out to be. Like "
sweetbreads." These should under no circumstances be confused with "sticky rolls" or "HOT crossed buns."

Or, "Tit for tat." "Tat" being lace, I would gladly provide "tat" (say a lace undergarment from Vicky's) for tits if, in return, I got some of that other thing.

(Note: No groins were pulled in the writing of this post.)


Candy's daily Dandy said...

A groin pull sounds like a good thing..Isn't there some kind of yoga move that stretches the groin nicely?? Ya, I guess in hindsight if you pull the groin too much the wrong way, disaster would ensue.

Although the visual on a bunch of guys waiting in line to get their funk on only to leave with a noticable limp is kinda funny...

SouthernBelle said...

Bleurgh, sweetbreads.

Alex Galvez said...

I went to one of those Renaissance faires after reading about a breast plate, only to realize it was not at the food tent!

Sass said...

How about a gubernatorial taint to go along with that groin pull.