Since she's been under the weather recently, and is always doing so much for everyone else in her lifeofsass, I thought I'd do a little something for Sass today.

A New Job - Recently Sass has sounded a bit like she could use a little something going on outside the family. Just for her. And, since the job will be open soon, she lives just down the road a bit, and she loves the phrase, "Gubernatorial Taint," I hereby nominate Sass to be the next governor of Illinois. Then, someday, little Scope can ask his pop, "What was it like to have a sassy, saucy, sexy Governess, pa?" And I will answer, "It was a golden age, my son."

The Brown Line – So a week and a half ago or so, I casually mention that I take, "the Brown Line" to work. Well, little Ms. Sass E. Frass, possibly suffering from some "Goobernatorial Taint" from eating some bad peanuts, wouldn't let that go. Lines like, "it get's a bit hairy where the Brown Line exists the tunnel*" were being tossed around. Pre-vert! Anyway, thank you for your tax dollars. The
Brown Line Expansion Project has completed, so I should no longer experience the pains of lengthy Brown Line congestion and backups in the morning. Anyone interested in reading ACTUAL CTA line formerly known as "the Ravenswood" line can read HERE. And while it's called, the "L" my Rockwell stop is actually at street level.

* Not sure if she used the tunnel bit, and I'm not reading back thru Facebook to figure it out. Oh, and the Brown Line never actually goes thru a tunnel. Most of the time, it's a floater, up on the elevated tracks.


Candy's daily Dandy said...

HAHAHAHAAAA!!! Love the Brown line comment...That Sass is so funny! You are a good blogger friend:)

Sass said...

You seriously just rocked my world.

My blog has been sleeping for a few days, and alas...through your sheer effing brilliance, a new idea is being born.

I'm finally smiling, and my brain is now turning.

As far as the Brown Line and Gubernatorial Taint...could you stop being so corny. Save the jokes for the peanut gallery.

I'm so glad to be finally feeling a bit better...my mind's a little furry, er...I mean...fuzzy. I got pretty sweaty and miserable, and I think it may have to do with some bad cheese that I ate. I don't know where the cheese came from. Fromunda something...I think.

I'm done.


I heart you!!!