That Virus Done Killed The Rabbit

"This one has done it all. Kidnapping, robbery, murder, and extortion. His name is Cyrus Grissom, A.K.A. Cyrus the Virus. Thirty-nine years old, twenty-five of them spent in our institutions. But he's bettered himself on the inside. Earned two degrees, including his juris octorate. He's also killed eleven fellow inmates, incited three riots, and escaped twice. Likes to brag he's killed more men than cancer. Cyrus is a poster child for the criminally insane. He's a true product of the system." - Vince Larkin - Con Air

I've been tagged by the Mel O the Red (not confused with Jell-O The Rainbow) to continue the story virus. (And this is the only virus I will admit to catching from Mel.) You can read the details here. No, the story virus details, not something else, ya perv!

Here's Mel's
story arc.

"Who!? Has!? My!? Marshmallows!?" he yells into the
megaphone as he begins tearing through the passengers' personal belongings. He
acts completely crazed as he grabs people out of their seats and rips through
their shopping bags and purses without a second thought. An older handicapped
woman is pushed to the ground and her glasses fall off her head and slide down
to where my feet are. As I bend over to pick them up, I notice the large, heavy
cardboard box again and peek through the crack in the top. All I could see were
several bags of marshmallows and a bulk package of Hershey's chocolate bars. I
panicked because the strange Elvis-looking man with the graham crackers was
headed straight for me...(
Mel O)

And the story continues:

Before I could toss the box at "Evil Elvis" and make my escape, one of the oddly dressed passengers, a large, oddly inflexible boy scout arose, and shouted "Exsisto paratus!" With that, he stabbed "Evil Elvis" in the heart with one of these. "Damn Elvii. With their Vegas shows shutting down, they've started roaming the countryside looking to make S'mores. And sing "There's No Room To Rumba in a Sportscar. They must be stopped. Be Prepared!" And with that, he grabbed the box and bounded out of the bus and into the bitter cold. But he left something behind, wrapped in his neckerchief.

And it was moving…
To Be Continued...

I'm going to do a two-fer. I'm going to tag and introducing a fellow who is new to blogging, paying back the favor Gwen paid me just about a month ago. (Can it be only a month?)

He's a friend of mine from college. He's done a lot, and now lives in Hawaii. But don't hate him for that. Hate him for getting ass-hatted in a game of UNO by my college roommate 510 – 1.

Please allow me to introduce the always opinionate, Alex Galvez.

Draw 4 buddy, I hope you carried a spare.


MelO said...

LOL... awesome. I hate those frickin' scary Elvii!

Isn't it funny how no one can read MY PART of the story but everyone can see yours??

Or maybe this was your way of getting me traffic? ;)

Vodka Mom said...

very good.

Scope said...

MelO - Cornfused - While I'm all about driving traffic your way (not that I have any unique visitors that aren't reading you, too. Because seriously, you kick my ass.), I both reprinted your post and linked to your post. That's the props I give ya.

And thanks for poppin' over to Hawaii to visit Alex.

Anonymous said...