Great Minds Think Alike

Recently, I've had a couple instances where I have surfed the same brain waves with MelO and Sass. (I'm not sure either has fully recovered from the horror.) With MelO it was over @ Southern Bell's Monkey Paw game (not what she calls it, but this is my blog.) With Sass, it yesterday over this.
Of course, that reminded me of one of my favorite cartoons of all time, which I've posted above.
I used to read about 40 online comics a morning, but as Gwen would say, "thanks to you monkeys" I've now got all y'all making me late for work in the morning, so I'm thinking about cutting back.
And when the hell did this turn into a posting about comic strips? Anyway, some of the ones just can't get culled from the herd. (That'd make a great blog name for misunderstood song lyrics / discussions: Culled from the Heard.) I've linked to them on the sidebar. They're usually worth the time.
Working Daze
Now I'm off for some hand to hand combat (Christmas shopping.)


Gwen said...

Loved the John Denver video! I love it when people rack themselves up while performing. It's part of the reason I loved Horatio Sanz so much.

Great post, monkey!

Gwen said...

Also, just one week until the Christmas party!

Scope said...

Yep, one week. I'm so gonna be digging for the secret 411 on the Hot Blogger Hook-Up.

But that also means I have to finish shopping before then. So why am I still sitting here?!?!?!

Going mobile!

Sass said...

We. Are. So. Connected.


Scope said...

Yeah. Almost spooky. Including my hope/fear of appearing on What Not To Wear.