G-Rod In The (BIG) House!

I so fucking called THIS back in "Go To Hill Part II"

That makes 2 Govenors in a row for Illinois. Take that!

Sorry for the ugly visuals and political ugliness of this post, but this guy? I'm doing a HAPPY DANCE!

More when I get home, and am not posting from the BlackBerry.

FUCK'N A!!!!!


Gwen said...

I'm with you on this one. My mom got hosed out of her job because he outsourced, or shall I say sold, her job at DNR. I suspect my parents are dancing in the streets like ninnies since he was arrested today, on their anniversary.

Ding dong! The crook is dead!

Alex Galvez said...

I also KNEW this guy was a crepp from the git-go. and if George Ryan thought there might be an outside chance of getting the Prez pardon from GW...he can forget that now. But wait, ABC reporting now that Axelrod, Obama and HOT ROD meet several times planning on who would get that seat......so Obama shouldn't be saying, Uh....uh, uh I don't know....HOW CAN SOMEONE THE MEDIA CLAIMS IS SO SMART SURROUNDS HIMSELF WITH MORONS?!?!?!?! Rev Wright..Bill Ayers....??

MelO said...

Fuckin' A!!!! is right!!

omg, I've been glued to CNN all day. i always knew he was a creep... ok, fine not ALWAYS as I unfortunately voted for him. But more recently I've been regretting it.

But this? All of this? I seriously don't know which is worse-selling Obama's senate seat, trying to get editors that don't like him fired, or trying to TAKE BACK $8M from Children's Memorial!!!!! What a fucking LOSER!

Morgan the (Almost) Muse said...

Blagojevich. What kind of name is that? My uncle who lives in Illinois calls him Blagobitch, and I think it is about the most clever thing that man ever came up with. But Jimmi was upset because of the smoking ban.

Ms. Florida Transplant said...

Wow, nice call! He just looks like a creep!