SCOPE-TECH: 2 of 4

MacMurray College

About 2 weeks into my freshmen year, I was with some friends in one of the dorm lounges (Rutledge basement). There were others there (Sandy, Melody, & Teresa) and when I went to introduce myself, the girls said, "We know who you are, you're 'Scope'*." Strange, I'd never been called that before, and I had never met any of these women before. None the less, 'Scope' was born.

I started writing as 'Scope' in my college newspaper near the end of my first semester freshman year. I wanted to be pseudo-anonymous, but didn't REALLY care if people found out who I was. By my senior year, I bet more people on campus could ID Scope vs. Eric. Through that time, if I only had 2 items a week in the paper, it was a slow week. Then I started creating the Monday paper. Which meant it was really up to me to create the whole thing over the weekend. I even did a couple of posters.

I did try experimenting with alterative "voices" but none rang true, so I settled on the bipolar Eric / Scope relationship that still somewhat exists today. (But Gwen, I'm working on it.)

* Eventually I found out that the name came from the fact that I got busted "scoping" out some schoolmates' butts. I believe it was a full pirouette to check out some passing co-ed's, observed by the afore mentioned trio who were perched on the Rutledge second floor sundeck that got me tagged. I think that "Scope" was probably the best possible nickname to come from those circumstances. "Bumlooker-Tech" and "Cheek Checker-Tech" just don't have the same ring to them.

To be continued...


Ms. Florida Transplant said...

Ha! Nicknames that stick always start off in funny ways. Do people still refer to you as Scope in real life?

Alex Galvez said...

The Silent One says, " "

Scope said...

MFXP - When I get home tonight, I will update part 4 with details, but "Yes" they do.

Shana said...

It is interesting how nicknames start. And yes, Scope is much better than CheekChecker