Tales from the Scabby Cabby

As many of you know, Gwen and I and some other folks (9 total) from college got together this weekend at one of the guy's (Nic's) house in Indiana. It was a really nice place, in a wooded lot, but not "in the woods" if that makes any sense, about 2 blocks off "The Lake." You could see the neighbors' houses, but you could also see deer moving through the trees.

I will not be overstating things if I say: "A good time was had by all."
Only a few tales will be told (by me) from the Scabby Cabby. Most fall under the: "You Had To Be There" umbrella anyway. But there are a few that can be shared.

Best Dressed – Gwen - Gwen's looked astonishing in her little black dress. It was an honor to have her on my arm. (She was only on my arm to keep from falling to her death as we climbed up and down from the cabin to the cars. But it was an honor none the less.)

Best "wait for it" line – Nic

Nic: "This spring that little bedroom is going to become a bathroom... I'm not gonna DO anything, I'm just gonna start shittin' in there."

The timing on his delivery was perfect. And it's astonishing that with the group of quick wits (and nitwits) that we are, one of didn't fuck it up by stepping on it with a wisecrack that would have been so less funny.

Best line said seriously – Laugh and Johnny B.

Laugh was telling a story about his first day working at the liquor store in college when a guy came in, bought a quart of gin, and guzzled it down BEFORE Laugh could finish ringing up the transaction. Johnny B. was stunned that the guy able to down a 5th like that. Not a 5th, we explained to Johnny B. a quart, one of the littler bottles.

Johnny B: "Oh, a pint."
Laugh: "No, 2 pints in a quart."
Johnny B: "Pint… Quart… I don't know metrics." He was dead serious, and a little confused for a second as the room howled. I shed a tear it was so funny.

Best "Big Chill" Reference – Laugh and Scope
Laugh: "They make movies about weekends like this."
Scope: "Yeah, and Kevin Costner's usually dead in them."

Okay, see, you had to be there for the last one. It was a good time. Oddly, while I had known ever single person at the Scabby Cabby except for Gwen for over 20 years, this is only the second or third time I'd been in this specific group. So, as a junior associate, it was fun to hang out with the Firm partners, and feel one with the group.


Dr Zibbs said...

Wish I were there.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

OOOH sounds like you kiddies had a ball!! Gwensie you be one hot mama!!

Gwen said...

Awww, you and Candy are too kind! Thank you for the compliments.

You've captured the best parts of the weekend here. I have little to add and can't really capture the essence of it in words anyway.

P.S. Thank you for being attentive and making sure I didn't fall to my death. You are a good friend and a sweet man.

Laugh said...


I'm just noticing that people who don't know me probably don't know how to properly pronounce Laugh.

You know what....never mind, I kind of like it that way!

Great summation of the weekend. I think we are all appreciative of the conscious decision to avoid the pants'ing of Johnny B. Shit...act like you didn't read that last part. No damn filter. Fuck. (actually I'm going after Gwen's blog award).


Scope said...

Sorry about that. It rhymes with "OFF".

MelO said...

Daaaaamn... Gwennie definitely deserved best dressed! What a hottie!

Looks like a really fun time. Good for you :)