SCOPE-TECH: 1 of 4

What is "Scope-Tech"? This is a story that it's about time I tell. I feel I need to place a little context out there. Provide my "frame story" as it were, so that certain things make sense, and I can use those as nodes to start new stories from. And what better time than now? The holidays should be slow out on the blogs, but you may need a bit of an escape from the real world. I've tried to keep things bite sized and I have the robots geared up to post, so here we go.

I've always had an active imagination, a curiosity, and liked to doodle. As a kid, while watching TV (yes, in COLOR, smartass) at night, I was multitasking by either drawing, building in my Legos, or reading the encyclopedia. (Al Gore hadn't invented the internet yet and my pet saber-toothed tiger was named "Fang". Punk kids)

In high school I got my first computer, a Timex/Sinclair 1000 with the 16K memory expansion kit. Computing power today that can only be compared to those pocket LCD video poker games that sell for $1.99. I knew that this was my chosen field.

I was on the basketball team, the track team and the yearbook staff. While I wouldn't say I was "UNPOPULAR" I definitely didn't fit in. Probably more of you feel that way than not.

But then it became time to choose a college, and my path to Scope-Tech began.

To be continued...


Ms. Florida Transplant said...

I love the 'in color' comment.

And a 16K "memory expansion kit?" I can't imagine!

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Hmmm...this could get verrry interesting. Hope you had a great holiday!

Steve Ballmer said...

Merry just after Christmas!