Good-bye, Friend

We've been together for a year now, but I'm going to have to let you go. You knew this was coming. Even while you were still servicing me yesterday, I knew that I was going to be replacing you… With your younger cousin.

In the last year, you've been my world, and we've never been apart. You've been my taskmaster and my playmate. My window on the world, and my escape from it. You even loved the Cubs. Always saying, "Mark Prior Opened."

But your cousin is faster and brighter. Her back, more supple and less hard. And her face just glows. She let's me play the same games at night that you did, just she even let's me do ones that you wanted money to even try.

But fear not, my Curvy beauty, you may be old and slow, but I think I may be able to still make a few bucks selling your ass on the streets downtown.

As you may have guessed:

1) I replaced my Blackberry Curve with a Blackberry Bold for my birthday. Not an iPhone. I need a tool, not a toy. (Okay, that's a lie, but I'm not an Apple fan. Don't know why.) I didn't really get a deal on it, but now I can reasonably hope to keep up with you folks over my lunch hour.

2) I desperately need a girlfriend.

3) Go ND!

FYI - I will be out of town this weekend, but will be trying out the Bold and some other new tech, so come on back, there will be new content here at least daily thru the weekend. And no fruit cake. (And he lofts a softball, batter up!)


H said...

Happy Holidays Scope!!

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Hey congrats on your newest addition to the family!!!
I hope you have the merriest of holidays!! All my best for you! Merry Christmas!!!

Jana said...

Well that's amazing. All that talk about curves and suppleness, and you're talking about a phone?

Jana said...

Hope you had a bash of a birthday!