SCOPE-TECH: 4 of 4

The Sabbatical And Since...

While I've somewhat covered this here, a bored computer programmer with a need for an outlet is a dangerous thing. Just glad I invested that time in my website instead of hacking the WOPR or something crazy like that. It was during this period that 'SCOPE-TECH', logo and all, was born. It started as an innocent part of a shell story about one of my favorite topics: Flying Monkeys. Obviously, one guy in a 1 BR apt. can't carry on a flying monkey research project, so I created a fake secret company to run it. It also was a frame for a "Board Meeting" of some friends I tried to set up in Vegas. Never got the Vegas trip pulled off, but SCOPE-TECH provided me a creative outlet when I needed it.

Once I started back to work, I just didn't have the time to keep the website up-to-date. It took about 4 times as long to do the admin work of uploading the content, getting all the links to work right, etc. than it did to create content. It became too overwhelming to keep up-to-date. In fact, after sitting in suspended animation for years, I just killed the site this summer.

And then I met Gwen, started reading her blog, started commenting on her blog, started commenting around, set up a blogger ID so I could be "Scope" again, and then, inevitably, set up SCOPE-TECH.

And now you know the rest of the story. Good DAY!


In the comments to part two, Ms Florida Transplant asked if anybody referred to me as "Scope" in real life. The answer is "sure, a surprising number." T-Bone and his wife, Ms. IVy do. As does T-Bone's mom, sister, best friend, best friend's wife, their kids, etc. With the folks from college; some people use "Scope", some people use "Eric", and some flip back and forth.

So if we were to meet in real life, what should you call me? Gwen asked a similar question at the "scabin", and that lead to pretty deep discussion. But the gist is, call me what feels natural at the time.

"Scope" isn't just a screen name. I've answered to "Scope" about as long as some of you have been alive.

It's in my personal email account.
It's on my car license plate.

It's who I am.


Ms. Florida Transplant said...


If I ever see a car with a Scope license plate, I'll be sure to honk & wave like a lunatic.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

I went back and caught up..now I am up to date!(sorry, I was cooking all weekend) Sooo I see you are truly a writer, by nature. It's a great creative outlet and some days-a life saver.
Scope is a very cool moniker! Especially now that we know where it comes from! I know that my day wouldn't be complete without my dose of Scope Tech;)

SouthernBelle said...

I'm jealous! I wish I had a sweet nickname in real life.

: )

mike said...

I think the overlooked humor in this post is that you have a friend named T-Bone.

Sass said...

When I meet you, I'll call you Scope. And then I'll call you Scope on a Rope. And then I'll call you Scope-a-Lope-a-Ding-Dong.

Just be prepared.

Oh, and in case you were ALL wondering...I am really called Sass in real life. My husband has pretty much never called me anything else. My friends sometimes call me Sassy Pants, but I will answer to most things. hee hee. Run with that, Scope.

Scope said...

Ms. Florida Transplant - If you don I will promptly pull over and check to see if my gas cap is off, or a seatbelt is dragging on the ground.

Candy - Welcome back, you hjave been missed. I specifically ran this 4 parter during what I figured would be a dead time, just so that it was "out there" and I could refer back if necessary.

SouthernBelle - Nicknames are tough, since by Seinfeld Law, you cannot give them to yourself. Luckily, when I went away to college, I got to jettison a stupid one ("Tree" - tall - basketball - Tree Rollins) in favor of one that I really liked.

Mike - Sadly, T-Bone (second Seinfeld reference in this comment) is only "T-Bone" within the confines of this blog. While I really am not too annonymousin this blog, my name, city are on the side panel, and I've mentioned the specific neighborhood I live in, I don't name names if I can help it.

Sass - Run with it I shall, "Ms. Sass E. Frass". Which, I guess if my real name was "Sunflower*" I'd DEMAND people called me "Sass.". Damn hippy parents!

* Odds of Sass's real name actually being "Sunflower" are extremely low. But her parents being hippies? 50/50. :-)