Go To Hill, Part II*

Sorry for the links.

Yesterday was about me trying to reach
Poobomber's level of Photoshop skills (Exhibit A) (Exhibit B), not really about Hillary. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, and I'm cool with that. ("Disagree without being disagreeable") I have a general feel for my audience, and wasn't surprised by any reactions.

But, just so I don't get labeled as a "hater" let me explain why I'm not a fan of Hillary's, and then I can move on to posts about flying monkeys and Lincoln Park Trixies. (Not to be confused with
Giggle Pixie)

- She's a horrible liar. And by that, I mean she does it badly, and over stupid stuff. Like
this, and this, and this. At least Ted lied about the big one, and kept to the lie. Gotta admire the chops.

- If
Vince Foster would have had a gun, he might be alive today. Normally I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but mmmm…

- The whole 2-for-1 and health care thing. (Too lazy to find a link/ Google it your own damn self :-) )

- As a resident of Cook County, in the great corrupt state of Illinois, people getting political offices (not jobs of Streets and Sanitation, "ELECTED" offices) just because they are related to someone bugs me to know end. (And it sort of bugs me about W., but at least he was a governor first.)

To recap the current second generation that I can think of OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD:

Richard M., Mayor of Chicago, son of Richard J., Mayor of Chicago. Richie actually took some time between the transfer, around 13 years. It's his job for life. He knows it. He acts like it.

Lisa, Attorney General of the State of Illinois, daughter of Michael, Speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives.

Rod, Governor of Illinois, son in law of Chicago Alderman Richard Mell. (He's so going to jail eventually.)

Jessie, Jr., US House of Representatives, son of Rev. Jesse Jackson. Jr's wife Sandi is on the Chicago City Counsel (a seat that William Beavers had given to his daughter, Darcel, but she lost it to Sandi in the next election.), and don't forget how Jesse got his other son's a beer distributorship.

Stroger – Todd given dad's place in general election after father John suffered a stroke 1 week before the primaries, but was elected anyway.

Steele – Robert (son) was given mother Bobbie's seat as a county commissioner AFTER his mother won the general election and then retired.

Sorry for this rant. I really wanted to bitch about economist wrongly predicting Black Friday, but then, stating with authority that it's not an indicator of the whole shopping season. Well, you know damn well if they would have been RIGHT it would have been a sign. You were wrong. You are not an expert. Shut up and go away. Stop terrorizing people into a recession, just so you can say with glee that you were right. You know who should lose their jobs in this economy? Economic experts who claim to predict the future, but are worse then the weather people!

And another thing…

[Deep breath. Try to relax..]

MelO, but this is not a planned "Part II" so it doesn't count. :-) ]

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