6° of Scope-aration

We've all heard the theory. We've all played the Kevin Bacon game. Maybe we've even been to the Oracle of Bacon to play the game. Now it's time for my little twist. This is not some "me too" to the follower's drive that Sass and Dr. Zibbs did on Monday. I've been bouncing this idea around for a while now. And I think I'm ready to play.

6° of Scope-aration.

Here's how we'll play. Occasionally (not even going to pretend to have "Scope-aration Saturday") I will use some method to link out through the blog world to see what I find. I will always start with one of my followers, and then go out from there. I may use a
random number generator, like I did today, or I may use some other method. But despite how I get out there, I'll make it the 6 steps*, and hopefully, find some gems along the way****.

This could be fun.
This could suck rocks.

But you never know until you try.

So, starting with me, my blog is followed by:
Bella@That damn expat her blog That damn expat is followed by:
Tova Darling her blog Secret Life of Tova Darling is followed by:
Mrs4444 her blog Half-Past Kissin' Time is followed by:
Tenakim her blog My Therapy is followed by:
MiMi her blog Women And Their World-one day at a time is followed by:
Shana and her blog, Shana's Place

Shana is an RN who lives in Canada.

Some of her recent posts include:
The Year was 2000 (A touching story about her mom)
Marissa loves taking pictures. Of herself. (What happens with a teen and a digital camera. Oh, get your mind out of the gutter.)
Winter Sucks (A cartoon for those of us actually having a winter this year.)
More Gross Stuff (for Momma) (What happens when your plumbing backs up.)
Cold Enough to freeze the Balls off a Brass Monkey... (Monkey shines. Like I could resist something about monkeys.)
A Song (Written by her daughter while in the bathroom. Is everybody in the blog world talking about people talking on the phone in the can?)
Watch Your Head (The leg bone's connected to the … NOTHING!)
YUM-MEEE (An interesting tail of life after birth.)
Today's Program Was Brought to You By the Letter "S" (Looks like a fun meme.)
It's All Fun and Games Until ......... (A nursing story about eyeballs)

So, I encourage you to run on over to Shana's place. And tell her, "Scope sent me."

* "6 steps" what are you talking about? I can see her smiling face over in your followers. True. I did the research on Sunday, and then wrote to Shana to see if she's like to participate. I'm not going to ambush a stranger. After doing the research, I liked what I saw and decided to follow her. I guess she decided to do the same.
** What is with you people. Yes, TECHNICALLY we were only 2 steps away to begin with, through Vodka Mom, but it took me 6 steps to get there, because I'm a guy and I got lost, okay, but we got there eventually, right?
*** Yes, I know that there is no ** footnote denotation above. What of it?
**** And there are some jems along the way, I encourage ya'll to follow my path to Shana, there's good stuff along the way, too.


Bella@That damn expat said...

You are such a weirdo. I love it!

I'll check out her blog when I've had my coffee.

Shana said...


Candy's daily Dandy said...

This is kinda like the Zibbs Effect only Scope sponsored! Love it!
Shana's Place is cool.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

Were those "jems" you found along the way truly outrageous, truly truly outrageous?

Grant Miller said...

I'm real bad with directions.

SaoirseDaily2 said...

Maybe I can play next time.

Tenakim said...

cool- I must admit it took me a couple reads to understand, but I get it now- cool. Thanks for letting me play along! Nice to meet you- I'll be back!

Mrs4444 said...

Looks like a lot of work, but I like it. I kind of do this once in a while (I think of it as true surfing at its best!) Thanks so much for the link, BTW!!! I will probably do this some time in the next week and will let you know...

Cora said...

Scope, please forgive me. I've been a crappy follower today. And right after you made me that sexy award and everything yesterday! (enter guilty, sad expression here). I'm going to come back and read all this tomorrow, I promise. I've just had a really crazy and sucky day and I'm out of time. Also, I haven't forgotten about the love letter I owe you! Just, as I said before, today was NOT my day.

Forgive me?

Pretty please.


Scope said...

Dear Cora;

That's okay. It really is. Read it when you get a chance. We all have days when we need to unplug.

And if you skip a few days that's okay, too, as long come back, eventually.


Ms. Florida Transplant said...

What a cool idea!

Cora said...

What a great idea, Scope. How fun!

I did a similar thing a few weeks ago. I started randomly looking at another blog with Oingo Boingo listed in the profile interests, just like mine. Then I clicked on one of that blogs followers. Then on a follower of that blog as well. Etc, etc. Eventually I ended up at this SPECTACULAR blog:


and my journey stopped there. I was so amazed by what I was seeing, I didn't want to leave! I never thought I would be an art car kind of girl, but I certainly am now after seeing all of that.

I could never possibly retrace my steps back to it though. I just know it all started with clicking on the Oingo Boingo link in my profile. It was a lot of fun though. I kinda wish now I had kept a record of my steps along the way like you did.

Morgan the Muse said...

well, that was interesting. You should do it again.

Mrs4444 said...

Hey there! I finally decided to do this, and I had a great time. I'll post it tonight. Thanks for the inspiration.