The "B-Word": B-A-C-O-N!

I went to the Drysdale Awards A earlier in the week. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but I enjoyed myself. There were about a dozen people there, and while I didn't really know any of them, we move in similar blog circles, and for the most part, I knew them / they know me more by comments left around than be reading each other. All in all, a really good group of people, who didn't seem too out of place in decent society. I'm sure the others will get around to recapping the event, so I'm going to focus on one person specifically: Bacon Lady from Better Living Through Bacon.

For her profile, click her name above (duh) but otherwise, long brown hair, petite, rocki'n a black "
Bacon Is A Vegetable" T-Shirt. Cool mom with a house pass. (Nothing like the picture, but it came up on a Google search and was too funny not to use.)

We started talking and she lives "down state" which to all ya'll not from these here parts, is anything outside Chicago. Rockford, geographically NORTH of Chicago, is sometimes referred to as "down state" in the "US vs. THEM" of Illinois. But I grew up down state, so I can relate. In fact, in order to establish my "cred" as it were, I told her that my prom date, Maria, used to do the news in her town.

That led us thru a whole series of central Illinois chatter, which included "
Mary, from Good's". Once I finally mentioned my small town, she asked me if I knew "Slim MacTrillian". Yeah, he was in my brother's class in high school, and they ran around together. I baled hay for his dad once. His sister was the Maria's best friend in high school. Yeah, I knew "Slim" about as well as you'd know anyone 4 years younger than you in school.

Turn's out, he's a really good friend of her husband's. It's a small world, after all.

That will forever be known as my "Bacon Lady / Kevin Bacon" moment.

At the end of the evening, we split a cab north. Her to the friend's where she was staying, and I continued on to my place. All-in-all, a very pleasurable evening, meeting fine folks.

And since some of you are new, I will now repost this video from my previous
bacon flavored post.


Dr Zibbs said...

It is a small world after all. Someone should really write a song about that and...(looking up and thinking)...Oh...nevermind.

Gwen said...

Very cool! I've been waiting for something to mention the awards ceremony. Bacon Lady and I started emailing after I was nominated and I can't wait to meet her!

Sass said...

Buy me a drink, I don't know.

No one else can possibly comprehend this comment.

Bacon Lady said...

Two corrections 'cuz I'm a bitch like that.

1. I actually have red hair. I've paid my dues being the odd duck my whole life, so I just had to make mention of that.

2. I live in Normal. Yes, Normal. Commence teh funnay. Or did I miss that?

It was lovely to meet you, Mr. Scope. And thanks again for being such a stand up guy.

(Gwen, I can't wait to meet you either! I put in a very vocal plea for a meetup in my town--it's half way!).

Some Guy said...

Glad you came out, Scope! It was nice meeting you and I have added your blog to my Google Reader list.

TishTash said...

Huh...I dated a guy from Normal when I went to U of I.

Can I get some love for Aurora Naperville?

Scope said...

Tish-Tash - I have a (Moose)heart for the SW suburbs. Like Romeo(ville)for Joliet. Sometimes I'll Lisle awake at night dreaming of a Sandwich on Wheaton bread.

Also, I have a soft spot for US-34 / Ogden Ave. Runs down state 2 blocks from my parent's house, and I used to live a few blocks from where if started on the near north side.

Bacon Lady - Sorry for the errors. I'm a guy and I know only the 8 colors on the Crayon box. To me, "periwinkle" is "Bullwinkle" the Moose's GAYER cousin not "blue + purple."

Some Guy - It was cool to meet you, too. Heading over to your place to comment on your Chicago trip.

Sass - I'll buy you a Gwen-tini or any beverage of your choice when we meet.

Gwen - You'll get a royalty if she chooses the Gwen-tini. And I think you and Bacon Lady will get on like sisters. (Not "get IT on like sisters" because that's too brown chicken / brown cow for this blog.)

Dr. Zibbs - You're right. You should write a song about that. Bust since a certain corporation has sued water for copyright infringement , I would be careful.

mike said...

I thought Bullwinkle WAS the gay cousin.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

I wish I had been there. Sounds like a lot of fun.