Christmas Art Project

( PowerPoint Approximation of Art Project)

As you all know, my sister* tasked me with doing an art project that she would then GIVE me for Christmas. That's right. I do the work FOR MY OWN PRESENT, and then she gives it to me. And remember how I told you that I was having troubles with it and asked for your help, and not a single one of you stepped up?


Carp! I never got around to writing that post. Frak'n governor goes out and gets arrested to distract me from asking for your help.

Anyway, assuming that you've looked at the mock-up picture at the top of the post, the task was to go out and find "letters" out "in the wild" as it were, and then spell my last name. I had a devil of a time with the 'S'. While you see lots of them, they aren't necessarily ones you want. And I wish my 'C' and 'O' were bigger, too. But since I started the project, I had my mind set on that 'C'. Add to the fact that I only have a 5.1MP point and shoot, so I can't get too fancy with the zooms, which cost me a couple of shots. Thank goodness for Photoshop.

And since I know you care, terribly:

C – "
Being Born" VIRGINIO FERRARI – Ohio & Orleans
O – Coke sign 4182 N. Lincoln Ave.
L – Trim work 2450 W. Montrose
L – Tree at 2304 W. Cullom
I – Barber pole 2362 W, Sunnyside
N – Stair rail at 4305 N. Ashland
S – Swing link in Welles Park 2350 Montrose**

I have hung the picture at the end of my hallway, were I can see it every time walk in.

And while I was working on this, I was totally starting to think of doing this with letters off signs, or different things.

* Not that you even know this blog exists, but happy birthday Sis. I wrote this on Saturday, but it kept getting delayed due to more time sensative material. Funny how that worked out.

** Those of you paying super close attention will notice that the 'S' is slightly different. My sister had a swing link that I liked a little better because of the background wasn't all snow, but I didn't have that file for the mock-up.


Candy's daily Dandy said...

That is a great piece of artwork! I really love you sister's idea of getting you to do all the work! That's just genius!
I just may steal that next x-mas!

BTW-What did you end up gifting your sister with? A Snuggie?? I swear I get at least 3 to 4 emails from that company a day since I went on the site.

SouthernBelle said...

I think it's amazing.

I lovelovelove B/W photography and it takes a really good eye to find the shapes like you did.

Would you be upset if I stole this idea? It would make a fantastic present for pretty much anyone!

Scope said...

She stole it. It was on Oprah. If you are feeling lazy, www.createsticksandstones.com is a website that will make one for you, and can feed you ideas. The web is full of examples of found letters. There is a super cool (GEEK!) one with spots on butterfly wings.

Candy, I got her a puzzle (she and her 22 year old daughter LOVE doing puzzles over Christmas vacation) a candle with a wooden wick (so it crackles while it burns), and a bottle opener shaped like a parrot where you use the beak to pop the top. (Their last name is "Parrott")

And I don't know if it came across, but I really enjoyed the photo hunt aspect of this, too. And I got some really cool pictures that didn't make the cut for one reason or another, but I enjoy. I may post some of those when I'm desperate and need a topic. :-)

SouthernBelle said...

Yessss, I'm gonna totally do this!

Especially now that we just got our new digital camera!

Srg said...

That is an awesome idea! I'm going to have to look around for letters for our last night now.

Gwen said...

I LOVE this idea! Very cool.

Dr Zibbs said...

That's pretty cool.

Cora said...

You know what - I absolutely LOVE that! What a great idea! Wow!

Sass said...

That is a great idea!

You never cease to amaze, Scope.

I'm glad the Governor's taint didn't keep you from completing this project altogether. That would have really sucked ass.

mike said...

Now make a sentence with each letter as the first letter in a word. We had to do that in 5th grade. Good thing my name is short.

Scope said...


Now, who is going to step up and make that sentence true? ;-)

~E said...

Love it! Too bad my last name is way too freaking long, and I'm way too freaking lazy or I'd do the same thing.

Come to think of it, I have two brothers...maybe they'll do the work for me!