Odd Todd

During my Sabbatical, two of the things that kept me going was that others had been thru it before, and a sense of humor. One guy / site that wrapped all that up and put a bow on it (vague seasonal tie-in) was Odd Todd of www.oddtodd.com.

The first of these cartoons came out as we were starting our downsizing and really gave me a smile when they were hard to come by. With the economy as it is, there are a few folks reading this who need to "Bee + Positive" and many more who may know someone who needs to laugh to laugh to keep from crying.

And yesterday's post can be found HERE on his site, incase you're wondering. Which you weren't. Because there's now way for you to have known. So, I guess this makes for part III of an unintentional stream of consciousness post string.

Off to the salt mines.


Candy's daily Dandy said...

Great minds think alike.
Odd Todd rocks!!I'm going back over to see if he's still unemployed. I feel a sort of kindred brotherhood with him...

Scope said...

FYI - As of 8:27 am, Odd Todd and I are now "Facebook Friends."

One day when watching Nightline for some reason, I ran across some freelance work he did for them, and about wet myself, seeing it out of context like that made it funnier.

This is the level of celebraty that Dr. Zibbs should be at by about June, if my predictions are correct.

Rick said...

Hello Scope, Please forgive me for being so bold, but I am doing a bit of blog surf to invite people to sign up for my giveaway. There are no gimmicks. This is just my way of celebrating two years of blogging. On January 4th I am giving away a free caricature drawn by me. I'd be honored if you came by and signed up for a chance to win.

Grant Miller said...

As a cop friend of mine once told me when I asked how he deals with seeing murder and mayhem everyday - "If we weren't laughing we'd all be crying."