On The Pillow Case

So, you all remember Gwen's post about the creepy pillow, right. The one designed to give you that special little reach-around. If not, or for a refresher, go check it out [LINK] then come back here for my follow up. [And this is officially sanctioned by Gwen, so I don't go thinking I'm ripping her off, monkeys* :-) ]

But what about us guys? What do we get? MelO sent me this cartoon, and it's a good start, but only a cartoon after all. I want something real.

So, I was talking to Vince, from ShamWOW, about it. And he said to try the Japanese. You know the Japanese always make messed up kinky sex stuff.

Oh wise and insightful Vince. Are you following me blog reader? Cause I can't do this all day.

The first thing I found were
THESE mousepads turned into pillow. Good, and who know, if you could have them printed with an anime or a magna avatar of your own choosing… [LINK]**

But then (cue angelic voices… LAAAAAAA) I found
THIS. Mmmmm sweater muffins…

But now I'm having a creepy thought of the breast pillow and the arm pillow getting a little "brown chicken / brown cow" action going on.


FYI - The first blog I ever started reading is called
Gizmodo. I've linked to it in the past, and above. It's a good source of finding out what's new in Tech, Lego, and Weird Crap. I read it in the morning, and again in the evening.

* Okay, calling you "monkeys" is done more as an homage to
Gwen, not a rip off, 'k?

** And admit it, you so thought that link was going to
Cora's profile picture, didn't you?


SkylersDad said...

Nothing says classy like anime porn pillows in your cubicle!

Candy's daily Dandy said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! That is fricken hilarious!

I have got to ask-Who are they marketing this to?? Boob men, asexual beings, Oedipal complexers?? Or just men and lesbians in general.

I'm thinking if a consumer needs a boobie pillow to satisfy oneself-then they may want to consider trying the real thing for a change of pace.

Dr Zibbs said...

That's one cool bed. I've always thought that someone could make tons of money by having a mattress with one of those portable pussies built in.

Not for me, but for the guys that don't know how to get chicks.

SouthernBelle said...

What the hell is this brown chicken brown cow business?

I don't want to google it, please help.

Cora said...

Yeah, I did expect to see my manga on that link! Imagine my surprise to find Poo there instead! Hee hee. (I like surprises though, so I'm happy!!) Am I like the manga queen or something? How did manga avatars become MY thing anyway? A lot of people have them I've seen them around.

As for that mattress: FUNNY STUFF!!!! But I think my favorite part is the breast pillow link where it says you can rent one for a few hours. Ewwwww. Imagine returning it to the store when you're done with it! Hopefully they have a dropbox like Hollywood Video. And hopefully that dropbox contains some sort of sanitizer. I mean, please.

Thank you for getting linky with me, Scope!

Scope said...

Southern Belle - It's a bit of a bad audio joke. It sounds like bad 70's porn music if you say it right. [ LINK

Cora - I know. I just couldn't go there with the joke. Especially with the pic of the guy copping a feel. Just not a line I was willing to cross. Then I had the idea for the switcharoo, and that just played better in my brain.

Yes, I would not want to shine one of those CSI blacklights on the rental pillow.

Cora said...

Wow. So, you're saying I went somewhere even YOU weren't willing to go? You?! Really?! Well, yay me then! :-)

Gwen said...

Thank God! Now I finally have something to do with my hands when I'm relaxing.

Great detective work with the weird pillows!