Dear United States of America;

I love you.

Today is a good day for us all to feel proud of our federal constitutional republic's tradition of peaceful and orderly transfers of power. We have voted with our hearts full of hope and pockets full of change that we can believe in.

Oh, U.S. of A., how I love your ability to hope that now Washington, D.C. will not be politics as usual, despite all the evidence to the contrary. Given how the Democratic leadership of Barry, Harry, and Nancy puffed their chests and in indignant speeches vowed that in no uncertain terms, that they would NOT accept anyone appointed to the Senate by Rod Blagojevich or by his taint. And they stuck to their principles, I had hope. For about a week. Then Rod outmaneuvered them all and sent Rolland Burris with a steaming plate of crow for them to eat. And that's when Barry proved to be a uniter. He united Nancy and Harry at the table where they both ate a whole big heaping helping. But they seemed to enjoy it, so I'm sure they'll get over it and not hold a grudge. (hee hee)

I love how in the end the will of the people was served. Not the people who happened to be citizens of Illinois mind you, but sacrifices were required. The people wanted their bread and circuses (and their Bruce Springsteen concert), and did not want to have their feel good buzz killed. To quote that other guy, "Mission Accomplished!"

So today, we stop being a divided country, and become one big Obama-Nation.

Remember, "ERIC" is the Y of "Am-ERIC-a".


Eric "Scope" Collins

PS - Mad super props to my good blog buddy Cora of Love Letters by Cora for letting me borrow her style for this post. And never say that I'm not a giver. For being a her her sweet and sexy self, I hereby present Cora with the S.T.A.R. Award:


Candy's daily Dandy said...

Your genius never ceases to amaze me!
Love the new avitar!!!

Ms. Florida Transplant said...

How did you make that picture like that??? I want one!

Alex Galvez said...

Hear, hear for the orderly transition of power. Whether you like Obama or not, other countries do this at gunpoint and without Aretha Franklin! I wish Obama and his admin well although I am a staunch conservative. I DID buy a new Beneli shotgun though a few months ago in anticipation of stricter gun laws! God Bless the USA and let the Joe Biden comedy tour begin! He is gonna give us bloggers so much material we won't know what to do with it all!!!!

Cora said...

AHH!!!! Scope, this is BRILLIANT!!!! I ADORE it! Thank you so much! :-)

Cora said...

I mean, really - WOW!

I'm touched. You sweet and sexy toucher, you! (wink)

Scope said...

Ms. Florida Transplant. I can't remember the exact website, but if you Google "obama me" you should find it.

And Cora, you didn't think I was going to do a half assed job did you? The "Heart" graphic alone was at least 2 hours of work for a one-time post (which is why I repeated it in the body, so it can live on when I revert back.). And FYI - keep puttin images of yourself dancing around in your bra in me brain, and you may win additional awards. Or at least eternal gratitude.

Cora said...

Will do. :-)