You asked for it.

Well, at least two of you did.

This is my sad and crappy attempt to fill your request.

To answer your questions ahead of time:
1) Yes, that's Stripe from Gremlins.
2) It's extremely comfortable, and I wear it often.
3) Yes Gwen, that's an official green ribbon around Stripe's neck.
4) No, I don't think I'll be doing many of these video things. I suck at them. And I worked for no less than 2 hours on setting this up. You think you want your time back from watching it? I want my time back from making it.
5) Yes, I timed a PowerPoint slideshow with the words on my monitor to the original video. But not real well.
6) Reply hazy. Try again.

Look at that, time for my meds again.


Cora said...

So this is what you chose to do with the Nanny Cam you got from Santa, huh? :-)

Well, I must say, how awfully cute of you to be playing dress-up with your stuffed animals on a perfectly good Saturday! Bravo! Scope, no matter what anyone else says, you and I both know only a REAL man would have the balls to post THIS for all the world to see. I, frankly, am impressed!!

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

I just shit my pants laughing.

Dr Zibbs said...

The best part in the Gremlins movie is when the one Gremlin blows nose in the curtain.

Sass said...

I seriously have no clue what to say. Let me go change my pants and I'll come up with something better.

I mean, seriously.


I am speechless. Did you crack up laughing at yourself all day long?