Dorkus Minorkus

On Saturday, I got an email from an ex-coworker to dinner at her place with a few people. I RSVP'd. Cool, something to do Monday night at 6:30. Had to figure out the logistics, since I've got a Dr.'s appointment, but I should be able to get home, and change before getting to the dinner.

Did I mention that her husband is the CIO of my big ass law firm? Yeah, dinner at the bosses. But, I have cat-sat for them, and actually have keys to the condo, so not exactly as scary as it sounds, but close enough.

So, Sunday evening, I'm getting ready to do some laundry and start watching "24: Redemption" when the Crackberry rings with the tone from the work account. Yes, it is set up to only buzz when one of YOU replies to a blog post, but scream HOLY MURDER when I get a work email. She said, "Are you coming?" I responded back, "Yes, didn't I reply yesterday?" Then I got an email from her husband, "Where are you?" CARP! Is something wrong with my systems at work? "At my condo" I reply. It then takes a phone call from a buddy and ex-coworker, "Howie*", saying, "Are you coming tonight or not?" for the light to click on.

The invite said, "tomorrow" which I translated into Monday. I was already half and hour late, and was in no shape to leave the house. I quickly showered, set the DVR for 24, and started the laundry I was sorting out, and I was the door less than 10 minutes later. I flew! They live about 2 blocks from my old place, so I know the quick ways to get there, and I was there in less than 20 minutes from leaving home. Hair was still wet, but I'm a guy, and I am blessed that a simple 5 swipe comb job does the trick. 7 swipes if I'm feeling fancy.

Diner was good, and I still have a job.

I totally blame her though, because she sent it as an email instead of as a calendar invite.

* Howie's girlfriend is the one who left the picture on my phone last time we were out together. And while I love to switch around names, his really is "Howard" not that anyone calls him that.


Susan said...

Been peeking at your through Crown of Thistles... glad to hear you still have a job. Who would dare to send an emai over an outlook invite? The audacity. I swear, some people.

Scope said...

Susan- Welcome. I recognize you from around the blog world, and occasionally lurk around your place,too.

And yes, she should have. We are all in IT. She sent it to our work emails. We all live in our Blackberry calendars. And it's fairly obvious that I'd forget my head if it wasn't attached.

99% of you I would cut slack for this, because you don't have my work email address, but at work we use invites for going to lunch. Just a peeve of mine that will probably make the 100 Things About Me posting that is coming up in a month or so.

Jana said...

How about the old fashioned route of invitation? A personal voice phone call?!

Cora said...

That invite should have definitely been a phone call just to avoid confusion. Crazy.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

I do stupid crap like this ALL THE TIME..Bone head is my middle name.

Ms. Florida Transplant said...

I laughed at your "7 swipes" comment. I wish it were that easy for girls!

Scope said...

Jana / Cora - This device you speak of? A "phone"? I am confused.

Actually, for a lot of stuff, I prefer the email. I have changed my voice mail at work to say, "For a quicker response, please send me an email." If they insist on leaving a voice mail, 80% of the time I will follow up via email.

I want it documented. I'm an IT nerd. That's how I am.

MSFLAXPLNT - I totally understand it's not that easy for girls and their hair. Everytime I get a haircut, the person asks if I want any "product" in my hair. I snicker.