Did I Hear That Right?

Saturday, I was watching TV, and I saw a commercial for a personal amplification device. I flipped the channel, and saw it again. But wait. The first one looked liked an MP3 player. This one looked like one of those blutooth ear things that annoying people (not you) seem to wear even when they aren't on the phone. Wait a second…

The ads were the same, except it's almost like they photoshopped the old model out and put the new one in. But in video? No, did they just reshoot from the original the script, thereby not having to pay writers again, right? (You know everybody in advertising is a slimy whore. No, not you. Everybody else. Okay, not him/her either. Sheesh!) But devices have different names.

So then I start doing the investigation for this post, and I find a third. They are:
Listen Up, Loud 'N Clear, and Silver Sonic.

All 3 have videos on their sites, let's compare and contrast here:

Based on the pin drop thing, I think Listen Up and Loud 'N Clear are from the same company or something.

Oh, and Bell + Howell, maker of the Silver Sonic – I do have "sonic" hearing. I also have photonic vision. Dumbasses.

* And a special, special shout to Cora for her dear letter last night.


SkylersDad said...

I think "use in bed" deserves some type of footnote for my clarification. Before I, you know, order 3 or 4...

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Oh yes I have seen this ad.
I thought it was a sneaky way to disguise a hearing problem..you know, posing like you are so important you need to go to the playground while wearing your bluetooth-couldn't miss that all important call.

But really, they are promoting eavesdropping!!!
I wonder how many they have sold for that purpose alone.

Dr Zibbs said...

I've been meaning to post about this! I really want to buy one so I can listen to what people are saying.

Ms. Florida Transplant said...

I totally want one of these! Although most noises made in bed shouldn't be magnified. I have to draw the line there.

Ms. Florida Transplant said...
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Sass said...

I have to say...I've always wondered if you're using one of these in church, how does it know WHO you want to hear? Or at the park? Wouldn't it just make everyone's kids really loud all at the same time?

No. No, thank you. Not even a little bit. No.

I don't even want to hear my own damn kids, let alone everyone else's little ankle biters.

Cora said...

Well, thank you as well for the special, special shout out. And for that hot make out session on Facebook too. Yummy. (wink)

Scope said...

SkylersDad – They are claiming for watching TV. Yeah. Right.

Candy – I would venture a guess that 90% of them bought for eavesdropping.

Dr. Zibbs – The slight fib in my story is that the idea came to me last Saturday. And I instantly thought, "That's a Dr. Zibbs post. Better do it before he beats me to it." Well, I put it off writing and researching it until this weekend. I was dead sure you were going to post it Sunday afternoon, in which case, I had promised myself I would post it anyway, and claim, "Great minds…"

Ms. Florida Transplant – I think the key is to magnify the sounds the neighbors are making in bed. The sounds that Tish Tash reported not hearing.

Sass – The commercials are a bit confusing. The bluetoothie ones especially seem very omni-directional. The box one looks like you can aim it a little. And face it, you want the directional mike. IF YOU WERE TO USE IT FOR THIS PURPOSE (not saying I am/have/would), you'd want to aim it to hear your hot 23 year old neighbors having rock star sex, instead of your fat, 70 year old, asthmatic couple going at it like a couple of sea lions, and her screaming, "Poppi in the poopi!". (Your welcome for that image.)

Cora – It was Dr.'s orders. :-)