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While this blog has been called SCOPE-TECH there has honestly been a lot more SCOPE than TECH. That's not really going to change. But today, I am going to talk some tech that you may find handy.

Infact, I'm going to dub today, "Tech Tuesday". And today's topic, Remote access to your home PC.

Have you ever been at work, or at a friends house, and really needed to retrieve something off your home PC? Are you the family's I.T. department? Or do you need to check you blog without leaving a footprint behind? I'm sure you've heard of 'GoToMyPC' or 'PCAnywhere' but have you heard of

LogMeIn has a compelling feature over those, it's FREE! And secure. It will even send you an email when someone logs into your account.

The install on your PC is small, quick, and easy. On the side, you just use a browser to connect to the LogMeIn website, log in to your account, then log into your PC. Nothing to down load. Your computer opens up in the browser.

Why is it free? Well, you can't print files from your remote computer to a local printer, move files to/from local/remote (but you can email them to yourself), or stream music. Those are paid upgrades that they want to entice you to buy. Like drug dealers, really. But for the basics. I like what I've seen so far.

And you want to do something ACTUALLY useful with your iPhone, instead of that stupid beer pouring app, or
THIS thing. LogMeIn has a $30 app at the app store. Yes, from your iPhone, you can remote into your home PC.

And if you are an Apple fan, here's the next product coming your way.

Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard


Cowguy said...

Well that's pretty nifty.

Now I can access naked midget rasslin' folder anywhere on earth!

Technology is awesome.

Ms. Florida Transplant said...

Very good info! Thanks!

Candy's daily Dandy said...

As an iphone user, this looks like something I would be interested in. Thanks for the tip. The only problem is that typing on the iphone is not an ideal situation, but do-able.

The ibooby???? Now that is ingenius! Hahahahaha! I could piss a ton of people off with that.
AND I know YOU know what I mean.

Scope said...

I thought it would be nifty. Wish I'd had it working when I was at my parent's house for Christmas. Didn't want to leave any bloggity traces on their PC. They know nothing and it will stay that way. But I did just use it yesterday to fetch a picture of my fireplace for a co-worker.

Candy, if you get the app, and need someome to ummm, validate your handiwork, I'm there for you. I'm a giver like that.

Cora said...

Wow, what a wobble!! Impressive. Not that I need that on my phone though. C'mon! I can get it for free, faster and easier in the mirror. Yep, being a girl is pretty damn cool! And any girl who claims otherwise just isn't doing it right. :-)

Wilwarin said...

yay for you, you now have a 'day'! you will have to subtract the comment about never being able too. (please don't, i need my comments!)